A Feast For The Senses!

This is a food feature so I’m sorry there are no pictures. But there’s a link to a video below that more or less sums up our entire experience.

At the stroke of the midnight hour, you will find flocks of people from all over the world, heading towards this street that never sleeps as they have been invited to gorge on a sumptuous Iftar spread during the holy month of Ramzan.

It is that time of the year when you forget about all your weight loss plans and indulge in some rich, mouth-watering offerings.

Mohammed Ali Road which is most commonly known as Mumbai’s Midnight Bazaar was named after Mohammad Ali Jouhar, an Indian Muslim leader, activist and  one of the leading figures during the Khilafat movement. This street is situated in South Mumbai and can be found under the JJ flyover.

The street is buzzing with non-stop food activity till the wee hours of the morning as everyone turns insomniac during this season.

Ramzan is the period of fasting which the non-muslim community only look at to feast. It is indeed paradise for all food enthusiasts!

Consisting of a large food community that differs on a daily basis, the tables are put out and folks from everywhere come there to binge. There is enough and more to feed an entire army.

You will find a million stalls in these tiny lanes, serving you more or less the same dishes so it’s advisable for you to be the best judge of that.

It is a bit alarming for vegetarians as the non-vegetarian fare definitely dominates  but you may find something that will keep you happy so don’t get too upset about it.

Some of the special offerings that you will not really find throughout the year include the haleem (a stew made with meat, barley, wheat and lentils), Chicken Kaleji (typically chicken liver fried with some aromatic spices), Chicken Lahori (a flavourful dish cooked with coconut and spices), Khiri Fry ( the animal’s udders usually cow that is fried with delicious masalas) and Khichda (meat cooked in broken wheat and dal topped with fried onions, lime and coriander)

There are other things on the menu which you may have seen before but they add their special touches to these regular dishes that make them spectacular. The Mutton sheikh kebab is one great example. It has a nice blend of masalas and is extremely moist in texture.

Moving on to satisfy your sweet tooth, the traditional mithais ( sweets) definitely do the trick!

‘Firni’   ‘Malpuwa’   ‘Burfi’   ‘Aflatoon’   ‘Malai Khaja’   ‘Mandoli’   ‘Sandal’ and what not, you name it and they are sure to give you a sugar high!

It doesn’t end here. There is something you cannot miss out on and is recommended by all food aficionados of Mumbai- Masala Doodh(milk) at Noorani’s. It is this beautiful concoction with the goodness of milk, nuts and spices.

Minara Masjid beautifully lit up calls people from all walks of life to experiment with the different kind of cuisines it offers. The colours you see as you look around is mesmerizing.

It is also quite inspiring to watch the chefs at work, dishing out the best they offer with not much rest at all. The poor souls have to fast the entire day and then get ready to serve a whole bunch of people in the night.

The air is filled with delicious aromas. Getting lost in those wild crowds. That marks the end of yet another brilliant gastronomical journey through the streets of Mumbai.

It is a celebration of food!

(Finally, I made it there and went shooting with these fun, die-hard food lovers who have this mind blowing channel on Youtube- Fat Toxic Bawarchi (@fattoxicbawarchi) that revolves around the world of food.

Here is the link:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5SGu5vay_4&sns=tw via @youtube

Do check out the video and subscribe to the channel  )

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