A Night Of Grills!

The thought of getting my meats dipped in a number of sauces over hot grills gets me thrilled. It brings back memories of home where we would have pot luck barbecues. It’s just too much fun!

Growing up, I’ve always been exposed to lots and lots of meat so I can never consider grilling my veggies and hence when I sat on that table that night, watching all the dishes come to the table, the meat junkie in me awoke and the rainy evening created an amazing environment to indulge in some lip-smacking bites from the grills.

JW Sahar has always been known for its true elegance and sophistication.

It was my first time here so I was all geared up to witness the warmth and comfort everyone spoke so highly about.

As I entered, the first thing I noticed were the beautiful chandeliers right above my head. I couldn’t stop staring at it for a good one minute. It makes the experience all the more enjoyable!

I was invited to an exclusive bloggers table hosted by Fat Toxic Bawarchi (@fattoxicbawarchi) along with JW Marriott Hotel Sahar (@jwsahar) to savour some of their barbeque delights. It was indeed an evening full of fun, good food and some interesting conversations.

Chef Danish Merchant, the senior sous chef was in our midst and took great care of us making sure that we had a feel of everything around us.

Coming to the highlight of the evening being the food, we were spoilt for choice. Apart from the barbecues we had specially come to taste, there was their regular buffet on the menu too which has such an extensive spread laid out.

So one suggestion, come with big appetites!

We were greeted with the welcome drink that was a simple Mango mocktail dripping with loads of caramel. You could see me licking all over the glass but I wasn’t as bad as two other fellow bloggers on the table.

PS: I really loved their enthusiasm!

I found this drink very addictive and refreshing. A great start to the lovely evening!

Before being seated, the chef took us on a small tour enlightening us on what they offer to their guests. We went through various sections of the buffet passing by the cheese counters, the salad bar that consisted of fresh looking salads, the Middle Eastern section that included shawarmas, falafels, jedi bel zeit, moussaka and the mezze platter among other things, there was enough sushi for all you Japanese food lovers,  Handcrafted Thai Noodle Soup by Chef Rungtiwas, a wide range of freshly baked homemade breads, the Charcutrie Cart, the Indian Street food section, the Italian Pasta and Pizza Counter, the Great Indian- Mughlai cuisine consisting of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, the waffle, ice-cream and dessert counters and then finally we come to see all the raw, marinated meats getting grilled before our eyes.

Papaddams and more!

How to make Chappatis?

Bread Counters

Cabbage Salad

Chicken Shawarma in the making!

Eggplant Moussaka

Jedi Bel Zeit

Sushis galore!

Chicken and Basil Pizza

Here’s a glance at the lovely meats before they are about to get grilled:

The number of cuisines on the menu ought to keep you satisfied all night!

The main reason I had come was to feast on the different barbecue grills so my eyes went straight to all the meat and began to dig in.

From their traditional Sheesh Touk and Lamb Kefta of the Middle Eastern cuisine to their Thai Chicken and Lamb Satay, it was all so beautifully presented and delicious in terms of taste.

The spices used were of another level altogether and it was coupled with some elegant marinades.

I really enjoyed the Satay along with the peanut sauce as it had the right balance of sweetness.

Next we were introduced to a platter filled with barbecue grills consisting of Lamb Wellington, Chicken wings, Grilled prawns and Veggies.

The lamb was cooked to perfection and one bite into it, you knew you were in for trouble. Great flavours!

But the Chicken Wings on the other hand were not up to the mark. Normally you expect wings to be juicy and oozing with all the possible flavours you can think of. Sadly I didn’t see it with these.

What you see on the plate next is the Sheekh, Tikka and lots of Kebabs.

I am usually not a fan of grilled meat infused with too much masala but I somehow took a liking to the sheekh. It had a really nice unique taste of its own.

Like I keep saying over and over again of how I’m so cruel to animal lovers, this was the only vegetarian dish on the table I actually tried and because it sat on the table looking so attractive, I thought to myself, how could I not give it a shot?

The Vegetable Falafels had a lovely golden brown colour and were crunchy.

Next you see me experimenting my taste buds with flavours of the Middle east: Shawarma Bites

But unfortunately, they were such a disappointment because I really do love Shawarmas. It reminds me of my early years in the Gulf where that was the only thing I would live on. These were dry, definitely did not have enough of tahini and hummus and just didn’t taste very great!

What I really liked was when the guy came to our table and pulled off the tender pieces of chicken straight from the grills into our plates.

It was bursting with strong, beautiful flavours.

The showstopper of the evening was the Pepperoni Pizza for me.

It was spot on! The wafer-like-thin crust, with some gorgeous slices of pepperoni thrown over it. I was in heaven. It was crisp, light, cheezy and definitely fulfils every pizza lover’s dream!

Apart from all this, the Slow Roasted Poultry, Tender Lamb Leg, Masala Jhinga and Chapli kebabs are some of the other dishes you’ll find as part of this spectacular spread.

Last of all, however stuffed I am, I can never leave without satisfying my sweet tooth and I was so happy to see that JW’s never-ending buffet houses one of the biggest dessert stations one can find in the city.

You know what that means? The Dessert Queen in me comes alive! This is one place where chocoholics will go wild as you see chocolate everywhere.

My eyes lit up the second I noticed some of my favourites on the table and I knew where I was heading to… Straight to the Madelienes.

You don’t usually find these butter cakes often here so I was excited when I saw them but they were below my expectations. I’ve had better ones back home at Café Noir.

The Fig Tart was a saviour that didn’t entirely spoil my mood after the horrible so called ‘French Delights’.

I loved the texture of the pastry and I’m a huge fan of figs so it was a win-win dessert for me!

The waffles were outstanding and only if I hadn’t eaten too much during the course of the evening, I wouldn’t feel ashamed to eat an entire plate all by myself.

It was perfect and went brilliantly with the sauces and toppings served with it.

Lemon Cheese Slice

Here’s an overview of some of the other fabulous desserts:


Blueberry Slice (Sugar Free)

Pistachio Chiboust



Now that wraps a good evening with some lovely folks and great ambiance. I simply enjoy blogger tables now having been to quite a few as you do learn so much more from each other and it’s so nice to come together because of that one common factor that we all share- Our crazy love for food!

So if you are a fan of all things barbecued, do stop by sometime and try out their offerings. Trust me, this is something you do not want to miss out on and it also happens to be one of the swankiest places to chill and unwind on a late Saturday night!

Barbecue Saturdays at JW Café

Time: 7 pm to 11 pm

Price: Non alcoholic buffet and barbecues 1555 + taxes per person

Unlimited beer another 1111+ taxes

(The author was invited by Fat Toxic Bawarchi and JW Sahar, Mumbai to experience the Barbecue Saturdays)

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