A Sugar Rush!

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” says the great Ernestine Ulmer. And thinking of it again, I see how true this holds in my life too.

Throw me into the world filled only with desserts and watch how I survive. I think it’s high time I could be called a “dessertarian” only because there’s not a soul in this world who loves desserts more than I do and does great justice to them!

Recently, I was introduced to another sweet haven that lies somewhere in the distant town of Lokhandwala. Thankfully, the guys there were kind enough to bring some of their creations to my home otherwise, I would have missed this great opportunity of stuffing my face with the things I love the most- DESSERTS!

When it arrived home that evening, in these big boxes, you bet I couldn’t control my excitement!

The packaging was quite neat and sturdy. Each dessert came in its own individual box and was cello-taped to the box to prevent damage while delivery.

It was now time to open them up like a little kid at Christmas and dig straight into them!

Ferrero Rocher Mousse

This has got to be my favourite of the entire lot.I’m not going to be biased and say that because I’m a huge Ferrero Rocher fan, but it really deserved all the credit. It was a beautifully made mousse cake, rich in chocolate and took you straight to heaven! I absolutely loved the soft and creamy texture of the mousse. The only annoying part was the chocolate with the wrapper.

A must-have for all chocoholics out there!


When you see me at the dessert section of buffets, don’t even try catching my attention because I’m too busy trying to find that perfect tiramisu. I liked the fact that the coffee was not too overpowering but the mascarpone cheese seemed like it was whipped a bit too heavily hence resulted in an average tiramisu. Honestly, it didn’t live up to the ones I’ve had before. There were no ‘wow’ moments in each bite I would get otherwise!

Blueberry Cheesecake

This was a real disappointment. The base wasn’t crumbling and instead of it being a biscuit layer seemed more like cake. The most exciting part of eating a cheesecake is getting lost in the crunchiness of the biscuit layer but sadly it was missing in this one. Couldn’t even get the balance of sourness and sweetness from this dessert. The only highlight was the rich layer of blueberry sauce that was packed with beautiful flavours. But overall I would like to say that this is definitely not my kind of cheesecake!

Dark Roasted Hazelnut

This brings back memories of sitting in front of the TV and eating spoonfuls of nutella till I get that sugar rush! A simple, rich chocolate pastry sprinkled with bits of hazelnuts that made it such a delight to eat. I truly enjoyed the richness of the chocolate and crunchiness of the nuts in every bite!

So in spite of some things I liked/disliked , do give them a shot and let me know what you feel about them.

I believe if the guys at La Braco didn’t come to deliver this beautiful assortment of decadent desserts to my doorstep, I would never have known about the existence of this place.


2, Palm Spring Building, Near High Point Restaurant, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West 400053

DISCLAIMER: The author was requested to review the desserts. However, the views of the author remain unbiased and are solely her own.

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