About me

“The one thing that never stops me from doing what I want to do in life is my heart and soul.”

What’s this blog about? The name seems to explain it all but there’s so much more to it..

I’m Riya Patel, the tiny, shy girl behind Le Tiny Whisk. I am 22 years old and live in Bangalore.

I graduated from Sophia College For Women, majored in Journalism but recently discovered my passion for baking and want to pursue an Advanced Diploma in Patisserie in the next few months. (Yesss. I just got accepted by Le Cordon Bleu, Melbourne!!)

Don’t ask me how my love for food began. It wasn’t too long ago that I wanted to become a lawyer and then realized that it was not my cup of tea and took up mass media.
Through this course, my love for food kept growing stronger every day.
I do not come from a family that has a culinary or hospitality background but both my mother and grandmothers are fabulous cooks and I will choose their food over any day. They inspire me and are my constant trainers.
When my mum used to cook, I would always be her official ‘taster’ giving her my little comments on what the food was like!

The first day I entered the kitchen for real was 2 years back when I got myself out of the hostel and decided to stay on my own. It was here that I slowly started experimenting with ingredients and would cook for my  friends and family now and then. But I’ve found a greater passion for baking. It has opened up my creativity and it comes very naturally to me.
My biggest weakness is CHOCOLATE. I think I could make any dessert using just chocolate! Yes, I love my desserts way too much and could end up having it for every meal. I clearly remember baking my very first chocolate cake when I was six with grandma and never knew I would want to turn this passion into a career.

Food and I have an on-going relationship since god knows when. Everybody knows how passionate I am about food and I stress on it being extremely good. I am a perfectionist and I think it is very important to be one especially in this industry. For me, everything has to be right and look good on a plate.

My most favourite chefs are Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White, Pierre Herman, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Gaggan Anand, Zacharias Thomas, Adriano Zumbo, Janice Wong, Girish Nayak, Bani Nanda, Sanjana Patel & Pooja Dhingra in no particular order.

I simply enjoy trying out new dishes, eating at classy restaurants as well as the pocket friendly ones, experimenting with food in my kitchen and keeping track of the latest food trends.

I also love to sing, play the piano, crazy about fitness and travel the world to discover good, local produce.

I’m currently a content writer at a creative agency that handles restaurant brands and run a home bakery business over the weekends. But I am going to be doing my Advanced Diploma in Hospitality-Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in the next few months and then aspire to open up my own little patisserie someday soon.

Le Tiny Whisk is my space where I want to share my stories and also inspire fellow bakers to go chase their dreams. It revolves around my tiny silver whisk that I use to bake every single treat you see.

Hope you can follow me on this crazy culinary journey of mine!

Please do give me your feedback on all of the posts you read and your critical feedback i s always welcomed.
I would also really appreciate if you let me know how the recipes have turned out.

So for now, Happy Baking and Happier Eating =D