Bil haná wal shifá

There was a time when the only two dishes I would associate Lebanese cuisine with was: a shawarma and falafels.

So much has changed since then thanks to the boom in the restaurant scene in this country, opening it’s arms to different kinds of cuisines from all across the world. It is definitely making people more aware, getting them to be experimental and tantalizing their taste buds with new flavours.

More particularly, the restaurant scene in Mumbai is catching up faster than usual. Recently, Falafels opened out it’s first outlet in South Mumbai keeping all townies happy.

Located on the first floor of Sky Zone, High Street Phoenix, it’s not very hard to spot out due to its bright name board. The seating is very casual, it’s self service and has no intimate feeling but makes it suitable for college kids and office goers who want to grab a quick bite.

It was a terribly hot day so I immediately started off sipping into my Pink Lemonade which was such an absolute delight! It had a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness and was very refreshing.

Pink Lemonade

The menu consists of a mix of both Lebanese and Mexican cuisines and that explains why I ordered the Turkish Tostada which clearly brought out the flavours of these two very distinctive cuisines.

Turkish Tostada

It was a large tortilla that looked like a pizza topped with refried beans, salsa, jalepeno and cheddar cheese sauce. That cheddar cheese sauce was absolutely divine and the flavours on the whole were outstanding. Definitely a must try!

Next I decided to be a little less adventurous and stuck to the cuisine I actually came for so ordered the standard Fattoush.

I absolutely enjoyed the crispy pita bread chips with the hummus and the veggies were fresh, crunchy tossed in a mint lemon vinaigrette making it a real wholesome meal! Only disappointment was that I found it a bit too dry. Would have loved if there was a bit more hummus because their hummus is fab!

It was time to get messy now and when I say messy I literally mean it. Cause that’s the kind of ambiance they try to create.

Cheezy Chicken Pocket[/caption]

Without saying anything more, I went straight into my Cheesy Chicken Pocket that consisted of  chicken grilled to perfection, sour cream and onion mayo and cheddar cheese sauce. You saw me licking off every bit of that sauce from my fingers, delicious indeed!

My vegetarian friend ordered for a American Cheesy Falafel which was quite a nightmare. I’m not just saying this because I’m a pro meat eater but I sadly couldn’t get the taste of ground chickpeas or fava beans that you would usually expect in a standard falafel.

Finally ended the meal with this Kashmiri Kawa tea that was overpowered by cinnamon and acted as a great digestive.

There were  hits and misses but it’s just been a few weeks so there is still room for improvement.

If you ask me whether I would go back again, I think one day after college if I’m craving Lebanese I would since anyways it ain’t too far away….

DISCLAIMER: The author was invited by the restaurant to review the newly opened outlet. However the views of the author remain unbiased and are completely her own.


Level 1, Sky Zone, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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