Breakfast of Champions: Jackfruit Festival at Grand Mercure Hotel

I’m usually not a morning person. I can stay up all night but find it such a task to get myself out of bed early morning. So catch me getting all enthusiastic to eat breakfast for anything in this world!!

But when I heard that Grand Mercure Hotel along with Jackfruit 365 had put together a curated breakfast of jackfruit-based dishes this summer, that’s something I just couldn’t refuse.

I’ve always loved Jackfruit as a kid and the only issue I have with it is the cleaning. I’m too lazy when it comes to that. If someone is kind enough to clean and give it to me, I can finish an entire bowl of it in one sitting.

Yes that’s how much I love jackfruit and some of you’ll reading this must think how crazy I am. I agree it can be a very overwhelming fruit and the smell can really put you off but trust me even if you hate it, you won’t really find an issue with this meal as the chef has used it so wisely that there is a balance of flavours and it doesn’t overpower the dishes.

The hotel surrounded by greenery all around has two jackfruit trees so it was actually no surprise coming up with such an interesting menu like this one.

Jackfruit 365 was started by James Joseph to preserve this “King Of Fruits” as he found out that 80% Jackfruit goes waste across India. Chefs are also quite reluctant to use it because of its messy and smelly nature so by producing this flour it makes it so much easier for the everyday cook too.

The jackfruit is picked 2 days before they ripen, de-seeded, sliced, dried and then used to produce the jackfruit flour.

Chef Sridhar Sigatapu, Executive Chef of Grand Mercure Hotel had come out with a brilliant way of using this flour after a lot of trying and testing. He was aware that some people would not be too fond of this food so used it in the ratio 1:3 where he used 1 part of the jackfruit flour and 3 parts of self-raising flour in the batter.

One of the main reasons he decided to incorporate this jackfruit flour into his dishes was because of the health benefits it has. Jackfruit is low in calorie, high in fibre, low in glycemic and supposed to be the best for people suffering from diabetes.

The first creation brought out were these Jackfruit Smoothies that were surprisingly not too heavy and quite refreshing. Garnished with chopped mangoes, pomegranate and mint, there was a great start to this Jackfruit breakfast.

Jackfruit Smoothie

Next the Jackfruit Potato Bondas, Paddus and Galouti Kebabs were brought out. At first, I was quite puzzled as I couldn’t get much of the jackfruit taste till later the chef explained to me saying that he had done is job right because he didn’t want the fruit to overpower the dish at all.

But the star of the meal had to be the galouti kebabs and they were VEGETARIAN. Can you believe it?! They were made to perfection and I’m sure it will bring a smile to all you vegetarians out there!
The jackfruit flour was incorporated in the dal mixture making it such a brilliant dish.

Next were Appams with egg curry made in true Mallu style, Idlis steamed in Jackfruit leaves, Crisp Pooris with a delicious Palya, Upma, Dosas, Uttapams and Phulkas.

The conical Idlis were soft in texture and were definitely the healthiest dish on the menu whereas the Pooris usually treated as a “heart-attack” dish was surprisingly not too oily and went so well with the palya.

From top to bottom: Jackfruit Bondas, Jackfuit Paddus, Jackfruit Galouti Kebabs, Jackfruit Appams with Egg Curry, Jackfruit Pooris and Palya, Jackfruit Idlis and Chutney, Jackfruit Upma, Dosas and Uttapams and Jackfruit Phulkas with Palya

By the end of it all, I was stuffed to death but just couldn’t control myself from these last two dishes. I’ve been a fan of waffles and pancakes since the longest time and I was really fascinated of how the chef used the jackfruit flour in them.

I found the waffles very dry but the pancakes were wonderful. Would have only loved if it had more maple syrup soaking them!

Jackfruit Waffles and Pancakes

It was a lovely morning that also increased my knowledge as I’ve never really paid much attention to this fruit before. Just eaten it because I love it!

I’m also really proud of myself for doing justice to breakfast, one meal that has never been my favourite!

So if you found this interesting too, you can grab a packet. It’s available on Amazon.

(The author was invited to review the new breakfast menu. However, the views of the author remain unbiased and are completely her own.)

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