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Burgers can be very addictive and once the craving happens, it just doesn’t seem to go away. So I thank God for places like Yorricks Cookhouse that exist in times like these especially when I’m too lazy to enter the kitchen and make myself one.

Just a call away and my burger arrives, ready to be attacked!

If Burgers are your thing, then Yorricks is the place you are looking for.

I happened to browse through my Zomato feed at that time and spotted them out as the place for known for ‘kickass burgers’ so without a second thought, I went through their menu and placed my order.

Sadly they only do home delivery and do not have dine-in. So if you’re making burger plans with your friends, you’ll have to do it at home.

After waiting for more than an hour and making a couple of calls, the food finally arrived and it better have been hot and tasty or else I would have flipped after having to wait for so long.

My burger in the box!

The first thing that impressed me was the neat and sturdy packaging. Every burger comes in a nice, big cardboard box that keeps the burger in place. Every element of the burger was in tact so that was a big bonus point for them. The fries came separately in another container.

Now I was too hungry and so I decided to first bite into The Cookhouse Chicken Burger (Rs 260/-).

The Cookhouse Chicken Burger

It consisted of a classic chicken patty stuffed with carmelized onions, cheese, egg and bacon. The chicken patty was cooked to perfection but could have been a little more moist in texture. Im not a fan of egg so I would have preferred to do away with it but on the whole, a pretty decent burger that will definitely keep you satisfied.

Next I couldn’t wait to attack the Pulled Pork Burger (Rs 220/-).

Pulled Pork Burger

Always been a fan of it, but the biggest question yet to be answered was whether this one was up to my standards. One bite of it, and I was on cloud nine. The flavours in my mouth were spectacular! It consisted of pulled pork in a smoky barbecue sauce wrapped in cheese and gherkins and of course- BACON!

The Pork was well marinated and I loved the sweetness that came out of it. It was oozing with cheese and mayo and the crispy fried bacon really did the trick by adding to the kick of mind-blowing flavours!

This is one burger for all you porkaholics out there and a must try!

Special mention to the buns of both the burgers. They are whole wheat and made in-house. It was soft but yet quite firm and didn’t break.

Yummy fries

The Fries also were crisp, golden brown in colour and not too oily so worked great for me.

The only disappointment was the bad delivery service. Even after calling them about 5-6 times,they didn’t bother and after a while, the phone was switched off. So that is something they really have to work on.

But on the whole, I feel it’s a great place to order from especially if you’re too lazy to cook at home and looking for something delicious to eat for a good price.

They also have a whole variety of pastas and pizzas to choose from. But if I were you, I’d just stick to their burgers!

Address: 14B, Candid Villa, Boran Road, Off Hill Road, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 40005014B, Candid Villa, Boran Road, Off Hill Road Mumbai India

(Only for food pick-ups as there is no dine-in available)

For home delivery, call:

022 65666675 +91 7506457338

(The author reviewed the place anonymously and paid for her own meal.)

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