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Food is the new word. You don’t have to have a chef’s knife in your hand or any of the other skills to love it. The latest developments in the world of gastronomy are truly mind blowing and it’s definitely creating a buzz among all food lovers in the city.

In earlier times, eating out at a restaurant was a luxury. But guess what? Thanks to technology today, you can order in restaurant quality dishes that come to your doorstep, just by one click on your smartphone. Now isn’t that a luxury?

Food technology is really catching up and the number of options that exist is unbelievable. From Zomato to Hola Chef to Tiny Owl… the list just goes on and on. Food is no longer a necessity but has become a form of recreation. It plays a huge role in one’s social life and introduces us to a palate of new flavours and spices.

Zomato was one of the first few food applications to come into existence and even though it has so much competition today, there are still some people that swear by it. “Food is an essential part of everyone’s life. If you’re getting it at a discounted rate after downloading an app that slowly manipulates the places you get to choose to order food from, BOOM! Local restaurants that might serve authentic, mouth-watering Mughlai food won’t be discovered because you’re too lazy to physically search for a place to eat at. Instead choose from a number of restaurants that have affiliated themselves with the app in particular and let the good stuff go unnoticed. My experience with Zomato was alright. I was honestly too lazy to go and physically get these really tasty burgers which I was craving for at that time so I tried searching for them online to call and order but since they weren’t linked with Zomato or any other food application, I had to get out and get it myself. Food apps make people lazy. That’s all.” Says Aarifah Eve Rebello, a food enthusiast.

But there are a lot of people in the city who are very adventurous and have moved beyond Zomato. There are so many choices which arouse their curiousity and makes them realize there is so much more to discover in this world of food.

Dennis Taraporewala, CEO, Criesse Communications shares his experience with one of the most widely used food applications today, Food Panda. “It has been one of convenience and efficiency in ordering food home. Having an app right in your phone from which you can review and get a choice of a multitude of outlets, is definitely empowering. But the trade-off is – I lose control over quality. I am not sure how the food will be when it arrives. Sometimes I have received sub-standard quality food from outlets when ordered via the app. Having said that, overall the experience has been good.”

Food apps can also get quite irresponsible at times. Anisha Kanungo, a student of Sophia College says that the app she used didn’t search for the restaurant and the ordering service was very confusing.. Her order was finally not placed!

One of the most talked about apps in the city, Hola Chef which has a number of entrepreneurs taking the risk to bring forth new gastronomic experiences for the crazy foodie sitting at home has taken it to a whole new level in this industry.

Here’s what the head chef at Hola Chef, Mohit Chotrani had to say, “The most sold item on the menu is the Indian platters as the type of food we serve is homestyle, free from preservatives, less oil and is healthy and homely. The whole concept of having an app does actually work as the current generation is more into technology which is much faster. With the invention of smartphones, it definitely comes to our advantage as people are always on it. On a daily basis we have appoximately 1300+ orders pan Mumbai including lunch, snacks and dinner having a mix of cuisines from all across the world. Working with Hola Chef has been great, the learning stages, the whole setup, meeting new people, and tackling the difficulties that come in the way.”

Now what’s quite interesting to notice is how the whole food scene in Mumbai has changed over the last few years. It wasn’t too long ago that people were quite comfortable with the ‘dubbawallas’ and eating out at smaller joints. The invention of food apps has revolutionized the food scene in Mumbai but does it have a drastic impact on restaurants?

Chef Sandeep Pande, Executive Chef of a five star hotel in the city tells us more on this..“The food ordering apps are changing the dining options scenario in metros and small cities a like.The impact on restaurants is not all that great as I feel that for regular patrons of a restaurant that they love and enjoy going to, they will still visit them.The Apps are a way of enticing everybody to eat out without actually venturing out.These will be and are proving to be a game changer for the Lunch office goers as the lunch comes to them. Furthermore, the house wives now have another  options for their families dinner meals.I know of families where both parents are working, ordering meals for their children early evening by these apps.”

Food apps help you choose what you want to eat, tell you the price factor, and what’s even more great is that they allow you to track delivery. It delivers quick and hassle-free food and is very convenient as it saves you the time to go through a number of menu cards.

“The first thing that draws you to the app is the clean, clutter-free user interface which made placing the order really fast and convenient. Also the food pictures used are extremely drool worthy and well styled. All three meals I ordered on all three occasions were delicious and is exactly something you would want to eat at your home or your friend’s home. Another positive aspect for me were the portion sizes, which were enough to satiate two individuals with moderate appetites. What I really love is the fact that the chefs sending me food were aunties, middle aged uncles and young entrepreneurs. And this definitely reflects in the taste. They also do a splattering of Chinese, Mexican and even Parsi fare from my favourite Bawi Bride. So really you are spoiled for choice when comes to options. I stuck to regular ‘ghar ka khana’ however. If I wanted Mexican, I’d order from a restaurant, really.” says Zenia Irani, a lifestyle blogger.

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