Dim Sum, Want Some?

I remember the first time I decided to get into the kitchen and try my hand at dimsums, I was so traumatized after the disaster they turned out to be, that I never thought I’d have a second chance. But lucky for me, I got an invite from Rutavi Mehta(@rutaagayire) the other day asking me to be one of the ten food bloggers to witness the #DimsumsAtMarinePlaza event hosted by Hotel Marine Plaza and I was obviously thrilled about it but not so sure I could nail it this time around!

Walking through the doors of this premium luxury hotel that overlooks the majestic Arabian Sea, I knew I was in for nothing less than the best so I quickly took my seat and had all eyes on the chef as the dimsum tutorial session kicked off!

Chef Huang Te Sing Photo credits: Tinkesh A

Chef Huang Te Sing, one of Mumbai’s most celebrated Co-operative Executive Chinese Chefs was the star of the afternoon.

He patiently took us through all the various techniques and skills in getting that ‘perfect dimsum’.

Dimsums in recent times have become a very contentious topic for food lovers in Mumbai. There is so much one can experiment with them and today, there is no end to the number of different kinds of dimsums that exist in the dictionary.

For those of you who are not so familiar with it, the unique culinary art of making dimsums originated with the Cantonese in Southern China who would eat them at ‘yum chas’ which were typically tea tastings. Over the years, they transformed these quiet, relaxed meets to loud and happy dining experiences for all!

The old pun goes: “You dimsum, you loose some!”

But if you come here and don’t have your dimsums, then you’ve definitely lost out on a lot!

Coming back to the session with Chef Huang, we got to watch how he carefully rolled out the dough and turned them into some beautiful creations.

Photo credits: Tinkesh A

Some of us took down notes in our heads to help us learn all the tricks of the trade. He soon put them to steam and in no time they were ready to gorge.

Getting ready to be steamed

The Dimsum Menu was as follows:

My favourite was the Crystal Chicken.

They were in a clear wrapper bursting with flavour. The luscious dimsum casing, encased in pastry with chicken so tender, melted in my mouth. It was indeed a beautiful ball of deliciousness!

Next, we were in for a surprise!

We were put into three teams and were going to compete against each other. I was lucky to have had a chef and a passionate food lover in my team because otherwise I would stand no chance. We got down to making a basket of assorted dimsums oozing with creativity!

(Notice the different shapes and sizes =D)

Unfortunately, we didn’t win but at the end of the day it’s all about having fun and I learnt so much so didn’t feel too bad about it.

Here’s my winning team!

L-R Anahita, Riya, Mohit

After all the dimsum fun, we were invited to a sit down lunch where a lavish spread was laid before us. It consisted of a carefully designed menu with all of Chef Huang Te Sing’s signature dishes thrown in!

As you can see from the menu, there was too much on the table so I have picked out a few of my favourite dishes from the afternoon…

Pork Spare Ribs In Barbeque Sauce

These beautiful cuts of meat were most definitely the highlight of my entire experience. The meat so tender, came off the bone with much ease and being marinated in that rich, sweet-spicy sauce, it really got my taste buds working.

Crispy Aubergine In Coriander & Chilli Sauce

Surprisingly, I fell in love with this dish. Usually, I don’t go anywhere close to veggies when I see so much of meat on the table but these were worth the try. The aubergine was crisply fried and there was a burst of flavours in my mouth!

Chicken Wrapped Prawns in Schezwan Sauce

I loved the whole concept of this. Never mixed meat with seafood before but I must conclude that it wasn’t a bad combination after all! I absolutely adored the flavours of the schezwan sauce and it all came together as a really good dish.

Crispy Date Pan Cake with Vanilla Ice cream

As you would have noticed in my previous posts, I cannot end my meal without satisfying my sweet tooth. So even after eating for an entire month, I had to keep some place for this ever so tempting dessert. It had a lovely crunch from the crispiness of the pancake and went beautifully with the ice cream. But at the end of it all, I had to close my eyes to digest the number of calories!

Here are some of the other dishes we stuffed our faces with:

Eight Treasure Vegetable Nest
Steam Jade Rolls Top With Hot Garlic Sauce
Vegetable Chimney Soup
Roast Cantonese Chicken
Wok Tossed Oriental Vegetable With Burnt Garlic In Superior Soya Sauce
Wok Grilled Stuffed Aubergine In Cantonese Sauce
Assorted Mushrooms In Preserved Vegetable Claypot Rice
Wok Tossed Vegetable Ho-Fun/Hakka Noodles

I’m starting to love this cuisine even more day by day. It’s comforting, soulful food that can be eaten anytime, anywhere and especially when you’re in the midst of such lovely, friendly people, it adds to the amazing feel of the entire experience.

Photo credits: Tinkesh A

That wraps up another great bloggers meet which was indeed a delight.

What a perfect start to the month of August!

Address: 29, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020

Website: www.hotelmarineplaza.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hotelmarineplaza

Twitter: @MarinePlaza

Instagram: @hotelmarineplaza

(The author was invited to be a part of the bloggers meet)

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