Drink It Up! (The Long Drink Festival at Social)

Call me a spoiler but I’ve never been a fan of the much spoken about American drama series- Game Of Thrones from the very first day it began. So much blood and sexual violence is definitely not my cup of tea. But you did see me get excited when Social announced that they’re introducing GOT based cocktails.

If you like your drinks long and when I say long ( I mean really long), then The Long Drink Festival at Social is the place to be at this monsoon.
Inspired by the legendary series, they have come up with a whole new range of electrifying cocktails, served in cylinders and beakers to grab your attention.
The drinks crafted and curated by the fabulous team at Social is a one of a kind experience that will leave you completely enthralled by the end of it all.

For the brave and hearted, there are half a dozen long drinks that are equally competent in their own right giving you the chance to tank up like a warrior.

Started off the afternoon with the striking blue, #WinterIsComing that instantly swept me off the floor with it’s beautiful, subtle flavour.. A concoction of tequila, coconut rum, vodka and ginger ale, it was indeed a match-made in heaven.

The #HighGarden was another winner for me. It consisted of absinthe, tequila, gin, vodka and rum which could hit you quite hard if you’re not a regular drinker. That absinthe leaves a strong star anise flavour in your mouth that left me starstruck.

If you’re a big time coffee lover like me, then indulge in the #WhiteWalker which is an absolute delight! The unique mix of kahlua, vodka and fresh cream helps you embrace the chill when you hear the name, for there’s more to this drink than the naked eye can see.

The #IceAndFire– jim beam, tequila, vodka, jalapeno and lavender tonic allows you to play a fun game. Let your taste buds battle between the docility of lavender and boldness of jalapeno. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this happening quite right. The jalapeno flavour got lost somewhere.

#OursIsTheFury was again another disappointment for me. A creation of vodka, tequila, gin and orange juice, the aggression was missing. Another reason I may not have enjoyed it so much could be because I didn’t find it too potent either.

The #LionsTail was a big comeback and came in as fierce as it’s name. A mixture of jim beam, vodka, tequila and elderflower tonic, it’s beautiful indeed!

Next, break free from all your inhibitions, as the #BloodOf TheDragon is here to ‘burn them all’ down with its intense flavour of tequila, gin, blood orange juice and cranberry juice.

For all whiskey lovers, #TheSunspear is your best friend. A mix of whisky, orange juice and apple juice you get the kicks of sweet & sour flavours that is pleasing to the palate. It is sure to leave you unbowed, unbent and unbroken by the end of the night.

Finally the #ValarMorghulis, an extremely toxic concoction of Vodka, rum, cherry’s brandy and cherry tonic is the way to end it. This one is as fatal as it sounds, but I guess it goes without saying; all men must drink! ­

From top to bottom: High Garden, Blood Of The Dragon, Ice & Fire, The Sunspear, The White Walker and Winter Is Coming

To add to all this fun, don’t miss out on some of their iconic dishes to couple with your drinks and have a rocking time with your friends or family.

Clockwise: Hot Tennessee Wings, Pork Belly Pops, Fully Loaded Nachos and Gunpowder Calamari

If you feel depressed about the fact that GOT is over, go relive the seasons at this uber-cool lounge bar all month.

Raise your glasses and drink it up!

My favourite drink of them all!
Price: for 500 ml – Rs 550 /-/ for 1000 ml -Rs 999/-

Date: July 1- July 31, 2016
Available across all Social outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

(The author was invited to review the ongoing festival. However, the views remain unbiased and are solely her own.)

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  1. Hic Hic hurray. You must had a good time . I am waiting when Social opens up in Kolkata. The drinks are innovative and good too

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