What is the definition of a Fit Foodie?

Go through the internet, you’ll find a ton of them but what I term it as is one who enjoys his/her food, indulges in the best but burns it all out in intensive workouts.

Fitness has always been as important as food is to me and that’s why I call myself a ‘Fit Foodie’

I earn my food by burning the calories.

I had a great three month holiday and don’t want to get back but unfortunately reality hits now and getting back to college and life in Bombay.

I got inspired by the 30 Day Ab Challenge and came about with my very own fitness challenge which I call #GetFitWithRiya

Have a look at it:

60 DAY #GetFit Challenge

Working on the abs:

50 basic crunches

50 reverse crunches

25 bicycle crunches

25 vertical leg crunches

Plank- 1 min

Working on the arms:

20 over head press

40 bicep curls

30 tricep extension right

30 tricep extension left

20 bent over rows

40 front raises

20 reverse bridge dips

Working on the butt:

30 squats
30 front lunges
30 side lunges
30 deadlifts
50 hip bridges
50 leg extensions
50 flutter kicks Working on the legs:
40 Side Leg Lift Right
80 inner thigh raise left
40 side leg lift left
80 inner thigh raise right
50 hamstring curls
40 quad lifts
5 kms run
Consult your physician
Don’t try if you have major health issues
Follow this and you will be the fittest foodie on earth!

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