Linger on forever, Dear Kyanis!

It will never grow old.

Been around for god knows how many years now and serving the exact kind of food it used to even then, Kyani & Co is one place you do not want to miss out on when on a trip to this foodie city.

Standing strong since all these years, in one of the most prestigious areas of Mumbai, it is everything it seems to be.

One of the famous hangout spots for Xavierites who study just down the road. This maybe because of the fact that it is extremely pocket friendly.

We somehow managed to get done with classes that day early and so we decided to go somewhere for a quick brunch.

Kyanis is that place where as soon as you order, food comes to your table, you eat as fast as you can because that’s how hungry you are and push off.

It is not a very big place either so you cant really stick around for long.

We made a truce before we entered to just order two dishes and share but that just doesn’t seem to ever work with us.

Started off with some traditional drinks:

Kesar Falooda and Rose Falooda- Both of them were nice and refreshing although they were a bit too heavy so kept it till we finished the rest of the dishes.

Iranian Chai- This came in piping hot and the aromas just got to me even though I’m such an anti-tea person (Don’t even ask how I’m one fourth Parsi =p)

For main course, we had

Mutton Sali Boti- It was over-all a good dish. The mutton was soft and tender in a not so spicy yet tasty gravy topped with crispy sali. It had a great balance of flavours too!

Chicken Dhansak- The rice was a bit grainy and hard but otherwise totally worth it! The mix of tastes you get in your mouth are truly amazing. It is such a healthy dish to have.

Chicken Farsa- It is a threaded fried chicken with a sqeeze of lime. Crisp on the outside and soft meat which is easy to chew in the inside. Very well done I must say!

Kheema Pav-I actually do like mince a lot whether it is chicken, mutton or beef. But this put me off for some reason. The texture of the kheema was very coarse and when in the mouth it feels like sand. It had superb flavours but I just could not get it down my throat.

You cannot leave without trying out some of their home made desserts:

I was quite disappointed at the fact that all the Bread Puddings got over :/

So had the Caramel Custard instead but as you see from the look of this it was alright. Nothing great. I cant give any credit to the presentation but at least it didn’t taste that bad.

We also had the plain custard to go with it. This was really delicious. It had the right amount of egginess and sweetness. It was also soft and fluffy. Just the way I like it!

It was a great experience yet again. I just keep wondering every time I walk in there to how cheap the place is. This is a real good deal. Kyanis, you rock!!!!

My ratings

Food: 4/5



Value for money:4.5/5

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