A sad perception that most people have about Bengali cuisine is that everything is sweet or  happens to be fish. Their knowledge is quite limited and hence I’m so glad the city encourages such food festivals that bring to light the authentic cooking styles and flavours of the various dishes that they are proud to own.

The ‎#MahaBanglaBhoj festival has a menu that chefs Partha Roy and Amit Mondal from Kolkata have specially designed and allow you to savour all the traditional favourites in true Bengali style.

Bengalis love their food, there’s no doubt about that. Unfortunately, I happened to be vegetarian so my options were narrowed down to just a few dishes but I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Started off with the Narkeler Bora which are golden fried coconut patties. Found them to be a bit too oily but extremely flavourful and very tasty. Definitely a must have!

For main course, the Alu Posto (Potato cooked with poppy seed gravy) and Chenar Dalna (Cottage cheese dumpling cooked in onion cashew nut gravy) is an absolute delight and goes well with the traditional Loochi (Deep fried refined flour bread)

If you have an extremely sweet tooth, then do not miss out on the Manolova nalen gurer malpua (Fennel flavoured refined flour dumpling soaked in seasonal famous date jaggery syrup) and Rossogolla (Poached cottage cheese dumpling in sugar syrup) that will keep you wanting for more.

Also do not miss out on their typical street food “Jhaalmuri” that comes from the Indian chaat family and their long list of dishes for all you meat lovers such as Dab chingri (Tiger prawns cooked in tender coconut shell), Galda chingri malai curry (Scampi cooked in onion, coconut and cashew nut gravy), Kasha mangsho (Traditional lamb shank preparation), Bekti paturi (Whole grain mustard marinated bekti fish filet stea) and Katla kalia  (Fish on bone cooked with onion and tomato gravy)

The festival is on till the 24th of this month at Soma, Grand Hyatt Mumbai. Do book your tables here

(The author was asked to review the festival. However, the views of the author remain unbiased and are completely her own.)

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