Moo Moo All The Way!

It’s so ironic to pen down a review like this with the whole beef ban scene happening in Mumbai. Hence, I’m here in my hometown thulping away!

This not so new anymore café has become one of Bangalore’s legendary places in town. I’ve been here a couple of times and the food has never disappointed me.

They have branches in Koramangla, Kammanahalli and now their latest addition is at Ulsoor.

I visited the Kammanahalli branch the other day as part of my search for all the eateries that have been around for donkey’s years to add to my section ‘For Old Times Sake’ and it yet again left me speechless.

Situated in a peaceful and quiet locality, Thulp stands out amongst all the other places around here. The reason being it allows you to binge on good food and none of us have an issue with that. It’s like the minute you have an opportunity for free food you jump to it! The restaurant aims at bringing back memories of good times and therefore it’s got a chilled out ambiance which brings everyone to experience it.

The café is nicely done up with interiors in bright and beautiful pastels accompanied with some brilliant cartoon artwork. Kids would love it here because of the importance given to comics.

They also have a lot to entertain you while you wait so eagerly for your food such as books to read, chess to play and a whole lot of other board games. It’s all about chilling, having fun and enjoying the company of your friends.

Gautam Krishnamurthy, the man behind Thulp, is a real genius to come about with a concept like this. People look for simple and comfort food in a casual dining setting but still expect the best quality and they manage to give it all here.

The staff is courteous and well-trained. They patiently take your orders and get it to the tables with bright smiles on their faces.

As soon as you enter you see a big blackboard which highlights all the specials for the day. This changes every day and they try to add more new and exciting dishes to the menu. People usually come here for the Thai food, pastas and most importantly burgers.

One thing that really fascinated me was the creativity of the names on their menu. Each dish is also well described which makes it easy for the diner to choose what to go with.

Started off with a chilled sweet lime soda which so so refreshing and nice. It had the right amount of sweet and salt which made it a perfect drink even though it wasn’t alcoholic =P

I decided to go all classic and start with The Moo Burger. The name says it all. It’s the authentic American hamburger! The beef patty was succulent and juicy and cooked to perfection. The onions were nicely caramelized that went well with the shredded lettuce. It was served with coleslaw on the side.

Next was The Moo with Bacon and Cheese. It was something quite similar to the former but had the added elements of bacon and cheese. I love all things bacon. I don’t know how many times I keep repeating this but it’s a fact. So I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed this more but also found it to be more juicy and flavourful.

The beef was getting to me now so I said ‘ENOUGH’ and decided to try out it’s best friend. Yes you know what I’m talking about!

The Smoking Gun. It truly spoke of its name. It was absolutely killer! A 16 hr smoked pulled pork tossed with their trademark chipotle chilli BBQ sauce topped with chipotle cheese sauce. I was on cloud nine, like literally. I wondered why I didn’t have this in the beginning but then I also follow that policy of keeping the best for last. It had robust flavours that went well with all the other components of the burger. The BBQ and chiptotle are definitely made for each other. It wasn’t even spicy so I was quite happy about that. A must try!

Last of all, I was already so stuffed because mind you, a burger marathon is not the easiest task. But I had to try out their pastas that everyone keeps talking about.

So from the Today’s Specials, I decided to go with the Italian spaghetti in carbonara with smoked bacon. Such a simple, soulful dish with subtle flavours. One of those dishes you would have on a cold winter’s night! It consisted of fresh ingredients and the carbonara sauce was a beauty. It was creamy and the bits of bacon added to it just made it a win-win dish for me. Great way to end this!

Now what about something sweet? I looked at the menu one last time and nothing really fancied me. I was too stuffed also so maybe the next time!

Talking of where to find the best beef burgers in town, I can definitely vouch for these anyday! They had everything I wanted it to be just like in my dreams. And trust me, burger craving can be your worst nightmare so go fulfil your desires now!

Just one miss for me and that was their shabby plating and presentation skills. I know that it is not considered fine dining but then any diner would feel more delighted to eat food that looks more appealing. So they can definitely improve on that!

What is my dream burger?

I believe it should have a well flavoured and properly grilled meat patty oozing with strong juices, along with a good dollop of mayo, veggies and cheese in the bun and Thulp just made my dream come true!

One last thing to say before I sign off, until next time MOOLICIOUS!

Address: No. 21, 2nd Cross Road, CPR Layout, Kammanahalli, Bangalore

(The author dined anonymously and paid for her own meal.)

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