My home. My Bangalore.

Every time I go back to my hometown, Bangalore I have such fond memories to relive.  This was the place that I was born and grew up. It will always have a special place in my heart!

This week I got the opportunity to curate @WeAreBangalore and trust me I felt closer to my city than ever before.

Bangalore is known as the IT hub of India and therefore it’s got the best nightclubs in town and meant for all the beeraholics who chill at microbreweries every night after a hard day’s work. But the sad thing is that it is always taken for granted when it comes to street food.

When the topic of street food arises, only Delhi and Mumbai comes to  mind.  I’m sure you can’t get the best golgappa or vada pav in the city but we have our own street food here which barely anyone is familiar with.

Do you know what a ‘paddu’ is non-Bangaloreans?

I recently posted a picture of it on Twitter and there were so many people who were completely clueless about it and that seriously broke my heart because come to Bangalore and everyone will know what a golgappa or vada pav is. It’s then that I realized being in Mumbai for the last two years, I myself haven’t found a single restaurant/food stall serving any kind of Bangalore Street Food and it definitely got me thinking to open out my own little place in maybe another couple of years.

But till then, read on to find out about Bangalore’s very own Food Street that is also called Thindi Beedi and is a crazy place to be at post 7 pm as that’s when it comes alive!

Talk to any South Indian you see on the road and they’ll tell you how integral food is in their lives. They may only stick to the vegetarian fare most of the time but it’s something you do not want to regret later for not having so as soon as the sun set that day, I decided to take a walk down Bangalore’s one and only eat street at VV Puram.

The bustling ‘Eat Street’

Eat street offers you a wide spread of food that is every food afficinado’s heaven! From traditional South Indian to chaats and Chinese, you name it, it’s got it all!

The only tip I can give is make a list of things you want to eat before you decide to go because everything is so good and you will get carried away.

A great way to start off this Food Walk is at VB Bakery which happens to be one of the oldest bakeries in town and is still is a favourite of many.

V B Bakery

Their fresh, soft straight from the oven  sweet buns is a must have!

You can also have a huge variety of cakes and biscuits that you may like to try out…

What really caught my eye was the prices of everything. I couldn’t imagine to get these at the same rate in the heart of the city. I was really fascinated by it!

Next I moved on to a stall opposite that sells the most amazing paddus on this planet which melt into your mouth.

Delicious paddus

Paddu looks like a mini idli which is made of black lentils and rice. They are light and fluffy in texture.

You also can’t miss out on the Kadubale also. I had this for the first time and absolutely loved it!

Crisp Kadubale

It is deep fried rice and roasted gram savoury rings that is perfect on a rainy day.

The Ragi dosa, Uttapam and idlis from Idli Mane is a must have!


Ragi Dosa

If you go on a pleasant day like I did, nothing beats their hot, crispy samosas, potato bondas and chilli bhajjis that keeps you wanting for more.

Apart from all the typical South Indian delicacies, you have to try out their unique twists to various familiar dishes.

By the end of it all I was so stuffed but still didn’t want to leave because it hit me that again I would leave home and miss all of this so I walked back home that night in true Bangalorean style by stuffing a holige in my mouth.

Holige anyone?

Bangalore has a charm of it’s own that just seems to grow on you in time.

The nip in the air, beautiful people around you and the whole ambiance will make you never want to leave this city even if it’s just a holiday.

So the next time, someone asks you what to look out for in Bangalore, forget the damn microbreweries and scream out- STREET FOOD!

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