‘Nin Hao’

It’s the year of the monkey and that calls for a sophisticated Cantonese fare unlike the usual cheap Chinese takeaway I settle for on most other occasions. This has been a cuisine that has always been quite close to my heart although I still haven’t got the chance to eat it in the region of Guangdong where it first found it’s roots.

The Chinese have so much to offer in terms of culture and food. Cantonese cuisine has a long list of dishes that are extremely simple yet flavourful. They use barely any oil and all fresh produce hence it happens to be the best bet for all you health freaks out there too!

I was lucky enough this week to have a beautiful meal specially curated by Chef Allen Zhao who came all the way from Pullman Shanghai Skyway to celebrate this Chinese New Year in the city and share his culture with us. The chef is renowned for his delicious Wok stations and has also been recognized through several prestigious awards having over ten years of experience.

The menu consists of various dishes from the region retaining the authentic Cantonese flavours and what’s so great is that it changes everyday so gives you the chance to explore and learn more about their cuisine.

Without wasting much time, I started off with the French 75, a cocktail made from Champagne, Gin and Lime that paired well with the steaming hot Chicken dimsums that had an explosion of flavours in the first bite itself.

Next I moved on to try the Tunka Kai Phin Thoug that consisted of mushroom, chicken and pork choy. I’m usually a big fan of soups but this was not up to the mark and I suggest to move over and not fill yourself with this if you have a small appetite like me.

I wasn’t vegetarian (thankfully) that day so I very conveniently overlooked the whole vegetarian section and went over to make my own wok and clearly this was the best part of my entire experience there. I also happen to be a very picky eater at times and hence you don’t see any sushi on my plate. But my cousin loved the sushi and so I think you should give it a try!

I added pan-fried noodles, honey roasted lamb, kung pao chicken and stir fried veggies in my wok and I fell in love with the flavours. It was madness in my mouth! The only drawback was that the lamb could have been a bit more well done but otherwise no complains!

Apart from all this you can also try out their salad bar that offers you seafood on ice and marinated asparagus, corn and palm heart with kopa ham salad to name a few.

They also have a section for all you Indian food lovers and as you can see I couldn’t stop myself from staying away from there.

Last of all, just like at every buffet I have to leave space for my one and only love being desserts.

I first tried out the ones specially made for the festival which included sweet wonton chips and chocolate wontons. They were crisp and oozing with chocolate in your mouth as you take that first bite!

I couldn’t resist the other desserts and my plate says it all!

After that fabulous feast, I don’t think I have anything more to say other than you’ll be a real  fool if you miss out on such a great opportunity especially if you’re a big Cantonese food lover!

The festival is on till this Sunday, the 6th of March 2016!

Time: Lunch: 12:30 pm onwards

Dinner: 7:00 pm onwards


Lunch: INR 3,000 (all inclusive)

Dinner: INR 3,200 (all inclusive)

For table reservations, please call +91 (22) 6117 5115

Venue: Pondicherry Cafe, Sofitel, C-57, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051

(The author was invited to review the ‘Cantonese Culinary Route’ by the restaurant. However, the views of the author remain unbiased and are solely her own.)

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