Quench All The Way!

The name fits in so perfectly to what the place is all about. Looking for somewhere to unwind on a gloomy midday of the week? You’ve got your answer now!

Quench is one of those vibrant, old school hangouts where you are sure to have a good time. It’s all about reliving the past with the whole retro theme and enjoying the ambiance that comes along with it.

After getting a great response from the folks of Bandra and Versova, it decided to move to the more sophiscated side of town- Juhu.

Currently being one of the suburb’s most prized possessions, it definitely lives up to its name.

It’s new, quirky and full of life so what’s not to love about it?!

It was a lazy Friday afternoon and I thought heading there would be a great start to a much long awaited weekend! You don’t really hear of many so called ‘pubs’ in Juhu so I was in for a treat.

The place appeals to all ages but I’m told that there will soon be a restriction for individuals below 21 years of age so I was glad I made it just in time!

It welcomes you with a painting on the ceiling that reads the words ‘Look at the stars, look how they shine for you’ and at that moment, I knew I would fall in love with this place!

Walk in a little further and you spot a wall dedicated solely to MJ fans to your right and all around, there are walls that have been hand painted and will give every art/music enthusiast goose bumps.

The artwork tells a story in itself and I’m pretty sure it has the power to divert your mind away from the food too.

Tribute to Pink Floyd!
The beautifully painted lift

Take a look above your head and you will find the most gorgeous chandeliers that are made with beer bottles. How artsy indeed!

The music from the 70’s and 80’s in the background is sure to get you on your feet and make your experience here even better.

There’s so much colour, funkiness and bright light everywhere you look around that it seems to pep you up even if you’re having a really bad day.

The choice of seating includes beautifully painted tables with steel chairs or you could be daring and sit on the high bar stools.

It was now time to gaze through the menu. So they have their regular menu which is present in both the other outlets but since I was invited, I had a special blogger’s menu to choose from.

So without wasting any more time, I got down to ordering:

Quench your thirst with some beautiful cocktails!

Long Island Iced Tea

Coming from a Mangy/Anglo/Parsi household, you can’t blame me for loving my alcohol.  I decided to stick with the usual Long Island Iced Tea because it was such a lovely day outside and I was in such great company that it couldn’t have gotten better!

The mix of all those elements in my drink made me one happy diner. I am a die-hard lover of LITs and this one hit all the right spots for me. I had requested the bartender to make it light because I had to be elsewhere after this. It was done according to all my requirements and turned out to be one smoking hot drink!

Herb Paprika Prawn

The juicy, delicate prawns that’s been marinated in a spicy creamy white sauce for hours was an absolute cracker of a dish! The paprika sauce that seems to be the winner for almost everyone that comes here was stunning indeed. It had so many flavours going on there that got me addicted to it.

And to add to all of this, my friend was a vegetarian so the glutton in me was revealed and I polished off the entire plate, all by myself!

Cheese Chilly Toast

I personally did not find this much to my liking. There was no ‘wow’ factor in it. It basically consisted of pieces of bread, sprinkled with chilli peppers and melted cheese. Even though I have a strong weakness for cheese, there was nothing fascinating about it!

It was time to move on to the mains and I hear that they serve some of the best sizzlers in town.

For me, a sizzler has to have the right cut of meat and be juicy till the very last bite. Sadly, Mumbai is still out of beef so had to come to terms and be happy with my chicken and I believe I picked the right one!

Grilled Chicken Mexicano

It consists of grilled chicken breasts in a spicy Mexican sauce that is served with tossed fettuccini, onion rings, sauté veggies and mash. The chicken was cooked to perfection and was marinated in a beautiful spicy sauce. It was an explosion of flavours in my mouth but I enjoyed every bit of it! I felt the tanginess could have been a bit on the milder side but it all came together as such a spectacular dish. I would highly recommend this if you love your pasta as much as I do! The onion rings deserve a special mention. Loved that crispiness!

It is one of those dishes that you couldn’t go wrong with!

Penne in Paprika Sauce

For the love of paprika sauce and because I couldn’t get enough of it and I had someone to share it, we decided to order the Penne in Paprika Sauce.

The pasta was cooked al dente and the sauce was not overpowering the dish which was a good thing.This sauce goes well with everything under the sun.

(You can see how obsessed I am with it right now!!!)

To end on a sweet note, I was told that I could not leave without having the famous Sizzling Chocolate Brownie!!!

Now what was so special about this one? It was wonderfully moist, dense and rich in chocolate. Felt like I took a trip to the chocolate factory!

Something that I was really fascinated about was the fact that the brownie was moist till the very last bite and the reason being that it was placed on a piece of potato. A very clever thing to do!

The brownie drowning in hot chocolate sauce went extremely well with the vanilla ice cream. It really stole my heart!

All in all, yet another fabulous gastronomical experience with some great drinks, food and cannot miss out on the amazing ambiance!

I love going to places like these where I can let loose and enjoy it all!

The staff were overfriendly and very patient. The service could have been a tad bit quicker because nobody likes waiting twenty minutes for delish food!

Another drawback is the lack of parking space but it’s still new so I’m guessing there is still room for a lot more improvement.

The food and drinks on the bright side are well priced and comes along with such brilliant ambiance that makes your experience totally worth it.

This is one place I would keep coming back to because there is still so much more on the menu that I would love to try!

Address: 4th Floor, Tian Building, 48 Gulmohar Road, Near Costa Coffee, Juhu, Mumbai

(The author was invited to review the newly opened pub)

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