Raasta Khanna: Taj

Bangalore has been having some erratic weather lately. Its supposed to be Summer but almost every other day it ends up raining. And climate like this doesn’t not help one at all as you only feel like eating more.

I took a drive down Mosque Road which is barely 5 minutes from home to discover some of the best street food joints people keep raving about all the time.

Mosque road is the haven for all true foodies having some of the best eateries in town. I managed to find one the other day.


When you hear the name, only one thing comes to your mind. But trust me, it’s nothing elite or sophisticated, it is a small dingy place that serves some of the best sheekh kebabs and beef dishes at dirt cheap rates.

The guys standing behind the counters are very warm and welcoming. Trying to describe what they serve in their broken English.

It was pouring so hard but still there was a huge crowd of people. He really seems to be quite the popular one!

It also made me realize at the spur of the moment of how often we neglect coming to these poor guys because of our social status and many a time we feel it is below our dignity to eat from places like these. But change that attitude because you don’t know what you are missing out on!

So as the beautiful sheekh kebabs were being grilled over the hot coal, I looked at the counter which had all the ready cooked food.

They had a menu from chilly beef to kebabs to chilly chicken and some other gravies. I just stuck to the chilly beef and Hyderabadi chicken as I wanted my taste buds to explode.

The Chilly beef had a strong kick of chillies. My mouth was literally on fire and the meat was cooked to perfection.

The Hyderabadi chicken on the other hand was surprisingly not so spicy and had some great flavours and some of the chef’s secret spices.

So rainy days are sometimes a blessing in disguise. You venture out and find all these hidden gems that actually serve you some great food.

If ever you are this side of town, it is a place you ought to try out!

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