The Answer is PJ’s!!!!

Cheap booze, food and great ambience.

What more can one ask for?!

Your answer is PJ’s!!!!!

I’ve been hearing such rave reviews from the past few weeks now and finally made it there.

It is a little hard to find as it is situated in one of the inner roads of Bandra but totally worth the search!

I went there Last Thursday with two of my favourite foodies after college and I was still surprised to see how crowded it was. There was a young couple one side and a huge group of old ladies on the table next to us chattering away. It seemed like they were having a kitty party but eventually we got louder than them too.

As we sat down, the kind-hearted manager came to our table placing the menu cards before us and very patiently standing there giving us time to decide what we wanted and he was giving his own recommendations too.

We started off ordering our drinks:

I had a Planter’s Punch. A mix of Dark Rum with Orange and Pineapple but I didn’t really quite care for it. The orange was a bit too overpowering on the other hand, I had a sip of the Pina Colada and that was absolutely lovely.White Rum with Pineapple and Coconut cream. Felt like I was sitting on the beach looking at the waves coming to hit me.

The White Wine was thoroughly enjoyed by my friend. I am not much of a wine drinker so not “my thing”.

Along with the drinks came our starters for the day:

I had not eaten these in a while so I was waiting so eagerly for it, and when it came, my eyes just lit up. As I picked up one, it rolled in my mouth. It had a crisp batter with yummy prawns inside. Superb start!

The Beef Tongue Chilli Fry!!! There’s not many words that can describe this dish. You’ve got to eat it to know more about it. Bursting with great flavours!

Everyone must have thought we were crazy when you come to a place like PJ’s and order a plate of Cheezy Chilli Fries. But that’s because they didn’t know what they were missing out on. Overdose of cheese and spicy to the core but a great balance of both.

Crispy Chicken

Another fabulous dish was the Crispy Chicken in Chinese style. Here again, why would you not go to Mainland China or Royal China to eat this???

Trust me, I simply adore the manager who recommended we had it cause it was a good bet. Oozing with loads of sauces giving it that little bit of sweetness and spicy feeling. Cooked to perfection indeed!

Pork Fry

Could I eat anymore???

Goan Pork Fry. I just had to have some of this. A very homely dish. Cooked with all the possible spices bringing out the authentic Goan flavours. Would definitely go back to have some more.

After a real marathon of starters, I could not stuff my mouth with anymore food. So we took a break and ordered a couple more drinks.

This time I had the Pina Colada as I felt it was really calling me!!!!

Just the same as it was a few hours ago.

My friend wanted to go all classic so she stuck to the Mojito. But sadly there was no crushed ice. What fun is that now?

After we felt a little more challenged we decided to share two dishes for main course cause looking at my tiny size I don’t know where else I could put in anymore food.

Beef Steak
Honestly, I expected much more from this. I am a person who loves my meat(more specifically BEEF) and everyone knows that. So when I cut a piece and put it in my mouth it was pretty disappointing. The meat was a little too well done and the flavours weren’t that great either. It was more of a rip off.

Barbecue Pork Chops

Barbecue Pork Chops!!!!

It was the highlight of my whole PJ experience. It was totally worth waiting for and I had to keep it for the last. The flavours coming out were just unbelievable. The sauce was killer. Had just the right amount of hot and sweet.

After all this, there was absolute no place at all in my tummy for dessert. And I was feeling really bad cause even when I go for a buffet, I first go and check out the dessert counter and then accordingly eat to keep place. But I got too carried away with the meat around.

But I heard their Caramel Custard is really good so next time for sure.

Apart from the few slips here and there, on the whole great choice of place and I’m very content with everything. It was such a pity that I had a curfew as the best time to go is after 7 in the evenings. You get the whole family vibe when you’re out there which I think is pretty great. Maybe its because I’m missing it a lot now too being away from home.

The service and hospitality was excellent. They actually stood around asking how the food was and if there was anything more we needed although there were quite a few full tables all over.

It was really reasonable for the quality of food. You usually don’t get such great food at those prices  The only thing is since it is part of a Gymkhana, there is an entry of Rs 50 but after that you have all the liberty to enjoy yourself there so you don’t feel it at all. You literally pay nothing for the amazing experience you get there.

So if you just want to chill one evening with the family or hang around with a couple of friends or watch a football match all by yourself with a beer bottle in your hand. Whatever it is, it is then definitely the place for you!

My Ratings

Food: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Ambience: 6/10

Address: SAISA Gymkhana

                St Anthony’s Institute

                33rd Road, Pali Hill

                Bandra West


(This author dined anonymously and paid for her own bill)

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