Let’s do the Irish Dance

Happy St Patty’s Day guys!!

St Patrick loved to sip it up and have a good time. Even though it falls in the middle of Lent every year, it’s one day you cut yourself some slack and celebrate the festival. In Ireland, it’s huge and you’re as lucky as the Irish men because The Irish House has a whole lot in store for you. They recently introduced a couple of new dishes to their already existing menu so what gives you a reason to not have that Irish hangover the next day?



Started off the afternoon with their signature cocktail, Fresh Red Head which was indeed refreshing on hot Summer day. A heady concoction of vodka, watermelon and fresh basil, it’s an absolute delight.

Moving on, they have a wide array of bite-sized appetizers that will keep you busy, munching all afternoon. The smoked duck pita pockets was my favourite of the lot. Spinach pita pockets filled with orange glazed smoked duck,creamy ranch, toasted peanuts, topped with shredded carrots. You can’t stop at eating one. We also ate the Hickory Glazed Chicken Wings marinated in a beautiful sauce with much enthusiasm, getting our hands messy.

For vegetarians, not to worry, they don’t leave you left out. The Cheese Burst Chicken is great to start with. Crispy fried chicken pops with a cheese burst served with creamy ranch and garlic fries. It could have had more cheese oozing out tho’.

The Beetroot & Goat Sliders on the other hand, sealed the deal for me. Toasted bite sized charcoal buns packed with beetroot and goat cheese patty and gherkins, served with purple potato chips. The beetroot and goat cheese flavours complemented each other beautifully. A must have for sure!



A very interesting concept The Irish House has in its menu is the Community Eats. Come with a big gang of friends and you’re sorted for the evening. It’s basically for people who cant finish dishes all by themselves. The Sourdough bread bowl filled with a three cheese sauce is compulsory to order. It is served with an assortment of spicy grilled chicken bites, smoked chicken sausages, chargrilled broccoli and roasted sweet potatoes.

Coming to the maincourse, it was a tad bit disappointing. We were served smoked meat spaghetti which I found extremely flavourless and bland (someone who can’t handle spices). After being told that it was cooked with spicy (not at all) pork pepperoni and turkey ham in parmessan and creamy mustard cheese sauce, it was indeed a real disaster. The Moroccan Lamb Bowl, off the grill was a Savior. The spiced lamb was grilled to perfection and served with some crunchy, cracked wheat and honey glazed carrots. Enjoyed this dish to the fullest.



Finally, we had to end this meal on a high, sweet note and nothing could do it better than The Irish Riverdance where at this point, I actually felt like dancing. It brought back memories of eating Gadbad in Mangalore. All my childhood memories loaded in this beer mug. Gooey brownie, brownie crumble, vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate bites, chocolate truffles, chocolate coated cookies, topped with caramel sauce, caramelized nuts and fresh lager beer. The dessert queen was on cloud nine indeed!

(The author was invited to a special tasting session. However, the views of the author remain unbiased and are solely her own.)

The Irish House

Address: TF-01A, Level 3, VR Mall, Mahadevpura, Whitefield, Bangalore

Timings: 12 Noon to 1 AM

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