What’s in the box?

It wasn’t too long ago that we were quite comfortable with the ‘dubbawallas’ and eating out at smaller joints. There was no fuss about what was on the dinner table or how many dishes were there to dig into. So what is it? Are we too spoilt for choice these days?

I think it’s more like that!

Food technology really seems to be catching up these days and it makes life so much more easier. Had a tired day at work or just don’t feel like entering the kitchen? Pick up your phone, get to the app and start ordering. Within a few minutes, your food arrives to your doorstep.

Box 8 is one such kind.

It was founded by IIT graduates, Amit Raj and Anshul Gupta in 2012. They currently have 22 stores in Mumbai. It is the pioneer of compact all-in-one meal box in India.

They believe that there is so much more to Indian food and yet it is not so easy to eat on the go. So they decided to give it a twist with a change where food could be served in minutes and surprisingly delicious.

What I was very pleased about was that it was delivered on time, the food was still hot and was packed well.

My dinner’s all sorted…

Fiery Paneer Sandwich

The fiery Panner Sandwich was an absolute delight! The baguette is whole wheat so an added advantage for all you health freaks out there. It was stuffed with extremely soft paneer that literally melts in your mouth and had a good dollop of mayo, making it moist and delicious. I’m not always up for vegetarian fare but this was a good bet!

Vegetable Tandoori Wrap

The Vegetable Tandoori Mix in a whole wheat wrap was a bit disastrous. I felt there was too much masala that sort of took away the flavours. It was also quite dry so that was a big disappointment!

Moong Dal Ka Halwa

Ended on a sweet note with the Moong Dal Ka Halwa. This had an interesting combination of flavours that actually hooked me to it for a while. I’m usually not a fan of Indian sweets but I quite like this. It was rich and not too sweet so that balanced it out!

So maybe trying out these new gastronomical experiences is not such a bad idea after all! There will always be a few hits and misses but once you’ve gotten used to it, I’m sure you’ll know what exactly to order.

I would definitely like to explore the rest of their menu and see what more they have to offer me.

(The author was sent over a complimentary Box 8 meal to review. However, the author’s views are unbiased and solely her own.)

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