Where’s ‘The Lost Caravan?’

Many a time, we tend to lose ourselves and then wonder how to find ourselves again. One thing I can tell you, you don’t need to travel long distances as all you have to do is step into Church Street and The Lost caravan awaits your arrival!

Ready. Get set. GO

I first heard about the city’s only travel themed restobar on Zomato and didn’t have to read the reviews to decide whether the place was worth a visit or not.

It’s new. It’s experimental. So I thought to myself, ‘what’s not to like about the place?’

The fancy bar!

It’s a great place for all travel enthusiasts who get a chance to enjoy the comfort food offered after their never-ending journeys across the world.

They believe that it’s not just another resto bar in the city but it’s an experience dedicated to all kinds of journeys people take through different phases of life. They have got an amazing menu with some fabulous sounding dishes but was it all worth it?

Find out here….

So we sat down, mesmerized by the whole environment around us and started placing our orders. We asked for the airline platters as that is what I came for but the waiter informed us that it was no more on the menu even though it was still there in big block letter print. I was in the midst of good company, didn’t want to spoil my afternoon so was in no mood to argue further and decided to go choose something else from the menu.

There were the class grilled chicken burgers, Spaghetti Bolognese and Caravan’s own Mac and Cheese but we thought of being a little wild since we were already on this crazy food journey and went with the Fiery Grilled Chicken Thighs and Chicken Chimichangas.

Virgin Mojito!

We also ordered a couple of virgin mojitos to beat the scorching summer heat. It wasn’t the best I’ve had till now but definitely felt good and refreshing.The mint was a little too strong for me.

The entrance of the place is not very inviting. You have to walk right inside from the basement which is quite shady so it is possible for one to have difficulty in finding the place.

But once you enter, it takes you to a different place all together.

The décor is something that really stands out. The minute I entered I was so intrigued by everything around me.There is a wall dedicated to all clock lovers consisting of different types of clocks from all ages and see-through suitcases packed with all the travel essentials .

The sofas add to the cozy and comfy effect of the place and makes you feel at home.

Set in one of the busiest streets in the city, the diners find peace and quiet here.

We went on a Monday afternoon which was a working day so was lucky to have missed the crowds.

It takes you down memory lane by playing some really good old school music.

After all the chit-chatting our dishes finally came to our table. They looked quite appetizing but did not appeal much to my taste buds.

Chicken Chimichangas

The Chicken ChimiChangas with Sour Cream was a very interesting dish after reading a little bit about it. There is a story behind this dish that talks about an owner of a restaurant who dropped a burrito into a vat of hot oil . When he saw what happened, instead of swearing in Spanish he yelled ‘ chimichangas’.

It consisted of pulled spicy chicken, rolled in a tortilla with rice and served with fresh sour cream. The tortilla was the only element on this plate that I enjoyed. It was thin and slightly crisp but the rest of the dish did not work for me and I found the portion relatively small too.

Fiery Grilled Chicken Thighs

The Fiery Grilled Chicken Thighs on the other hand was a saviour as it was much tastier than the previous one. The chicken thighs were marinated in olive oil,garlic,lemon, with a hint of red pepper sauce served with boiled veggies and rice on the side.It was a complete meal and very filling. The chicken was grilled to perfection and had that nice, punchy flavour. The sauce was also hot and peppery and went well with the chicken. Lovely dish!

It’s a great place to chill with friends and a couple of drinks but the quality of food is average.

The service was the only thing I could rave about other than the ambiance and the food being light on your pockets.

I would suggest you head to The Lost Caravan on a Saturday Night as the food ain’t that great so at least you’ll can enjoy yourself with the DJ nights they have.

I came here to eat good food but that didn’t really seem to happen. This is why I’m very hesitant to try out new places most of the time but I must add that it was a great feeling getting lost there!

(The author dined anonymously and paid for her own meal)

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