A Letter To My Yum Tums

Hello my yum tums,


I’m sorry for being away for so long. Almost a month =O

Thanks to these exams. But now it’s all over and it’s all about food again.

GOOD FOOD remember 😉

I have so much planned for this month. Food Blogger meets with some of the new friends I’m going to make here, new restaurant openings, doing internships in the food industry and you’ll see me at every foodie event that I can attend.

I missed my baby- Yummy Inside My Tummy too much and now it’s time for some changes.

YIMT is going to get a makeover in the next few days. I’ve got so much encouragement from all my supportive friends that I’m taking this very seriously and making it something I will be super proud of in the next few years to come.

And I will need you all to help me share and promote it.

So follow me this Summer. You do not want to miss out on all the fun and crazy stuff I’m going to be up to!

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