A Perfect Caveman’s Diet

It was a rainy day. We were bored. Craving for meat like always. And there was one place that everyone was talking about ever since I’ve arrived to Mumbai.

Located in one of the gullies behind the busy Hill Road, it took us a while to find the place and luckily none of us have cars here otherwise we wouldn’t have known where to park them.

When you enter the doors of Imbiss, classic rock and old school music gets straight into your ears, taking you back to the past where people would come in to have their schnelle mahlzeit and leave as soon as they are done.

The whole set up is pretty amazing. It is surrounded all around by brick walls and ceiling lamps on top. What’s even more attracting is the small black board that reads “Days Special”. It has some pretty interesting dishes to choose from especially for the regulars who already know the menu inside out.

As we sat down, the menu was already placed before us and when I looked into it, I just felt like I was in another world. After all those weeks of disgusting hostel VEGETARIAN food I was in my paradise.

I didn’t know what to eat. There was too much of good food around me. But I was such a fail, I couldn’t eat much at all and only stuck to two dishes.

Duck sausage with slaw and mustard

Slices of duck sausage with skin mildly flavoured and served with slaw and drizzled with jous. Garnished with parsley

Since I was told that it was a German restaurant and so I decided to go all traditional and try one of the dishes that are extremely dear to them.

When it came to the table, my heart just stopped beating for a second. I had never seen something look so beautiful on a plate even though it was just a regular meating joint. It was classy and very pleasing to the eye. I took a bite of the sausage and WOW!, the flavours that came through were simply extraordinary. They blended so well with the slaw and mustard too.

Something one has got to have there!

The next thing on my lunch plate was the Pork Schnitzel.

Pork Schnitzel

Flattened and crumb fried pork leg rounds served with herbed butter, German potatoes, garden salad and lemon wedge.

I almost died when I looked at this too. Superb culinary skills! The meat was perfectly tamed and cooked with just the right flavours. It had the best texture too: A crisp batter on the outside and tender meat to bite into. When I dream of pork, it always has to either be in the form of chops or steak, but I have no regrets. I enjoyed it to bits!

With the food just setting the place on fire, we felt the need of having some drinks with it. They do not serve alcohol(sorry to disappoint all you boozies :p ) but have a whole bunch of flavoured beers in melon, apple-malt and lemon.

But we just stuck to Diet Coke cause at least I felt the need to only enjoy my meat. After all, that’s all I came for!

I was so stuffed after that, that I could not even think of eating anything more for the next meal. It was indeed a blissful experience for carnivores like me who can’t do without her meat!

My Review

Food: 4.5/5



Value for money- Rs 600 for two

Imbiss Meating Joint

BEN-O-LIL HAVEN CHS, SHOP #5, 14, VARODA ROAD, BANDRA (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

022 2641 4985

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