A Personal Letter to my Readers

This is not a blog post but more of a personal letter to all my lovely readers.

I have never written something like this before so I thought it’s never too late to do so and I also have some pretty sad news to share with you all!

So here it goes…

My Dear Readers,

I hope you are all doing good.

It’s been such a pleasure interacting with you all for the last 17 months and I hope you’ll have been enjoying my posts.

On recently completing my 151th post, I realized that this would be the last post for the next 2 weeks until I finish my BMM 5th Semester Board Exams and Practicals.

It broke my heart. It really did but I’m sadly left with no choice. I wanted to take a short break before my pre-boards too but I just couldn’t cause ‘Yummy Inside My Tummy’ is my baby. It has become a huge part of me now and I feel totally incomplete without it.

But I had to make this decision and trust me, it’s a really tough one.

It’s just that these exams are even more important and I have to give it my 100 percent because it will tell me where I stand in this world in another few more months. I can’t afford to mess them up. Hopefully the days will fly by soon and I have a really special post coming up. So be excited!

(PS: It’s my first culinary travel post)

I want to also personally thank each one of you for all the love and support you have given me for the last couple of months. Each like and comment of yours means the world to me and that’s what keeps me going.

Please keep giving me feedback and suggestions on how to make it more interesting and fun.

I hope you’ll will miss me as I know I will miss you all loads

Pray for me that I do well. I’m scared as hell!

Till then, you can like my Facebook page- www.facebook.com/yummyinsidemytummy and follow me on Twitter & Instagram- @msyumtum for updates now and then!

See you all again soon xx

Much love,

Riya Patel a.k.a Ms Yum Tum

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