A Well Spent Sunday!

Sunday brunches in Bangalore is a concept that brings about much enthusiasm. And I don’t see why!

If you are crazy about food and a big eater it works out pretty well.

Sundays are all about unwinding, spending time with the family and indulging in some great food. That’s my kind of Sunday!

The whole idea of these brunches are changing with time. Earlier, restaurants would throw in tonnes of food on the menu and it would cost hardly anything. But these days, it tends to be more precise and curated which I feel is a really good thing.

The Sunday Brunch which I had a few weeks back at Lido was one of them.

Welcome to the beautiful Hyatt Bangalore =)))

The Hyatt has always been known for its wide range of luxury services it offers its guests. And when it comes to fine dining, the Hyatt is your answer.

They have a list of flavourful restaurants to choose from that serve multi-cuisine to modern Indian cuisine.

The Lido has a specially planned menu every Sunday that consists of dishes from all over the world and if you’re talking about fine dining with great comfort then this is the place you want to be at!

It’s such a surprise that I haven’t been here before. I would rate it one of the best in Bangalore that comes along with great ambiance. The décor is simple yet sophisticated and as you enter the doors it leads you to the beautiful poolside which makes you want to immediately jump in because of the killing heat.

The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. They come around making everyone feel comfortable and at home.

How can I forget the two man band who kept the diners on their feet by playing some great retro, old-school hip hop music that included jive, waltz and cha cha cha!!!

Before heading to the food tables, there’s something one cannot miss out on and that is the COCKTAILS.

There were enough and more to get you drunk. These were some of them on the menu.

The Great Cocktail Menu

The Bloody Sheela and Munni was the most unique drink on the menu and was so ironic as two of my aunts have those names.We all could not stop laughing and I decided to stick to my usual LIT’s .

The buffet is pretty exhaustive, varied and totally worth every penny. Forget about all your fitness routines and weight problems as this one will totally blow your mind You will not regret it one bit.

It is the true definition of food heaven. Ask and you shall receive.

The buffet is on from 12 to 4 so gives you enough of time to keep eating away.

It was a leisure Sunday afternoon, hot as ever but chilling by the poolside along with the unlimited drinks surely did the trick!

It started with the live counters that consisted of grilled meats, sausages, chaat and the famous roast pigling.

For the veggies!
All the meats to be grilled!
The Roast Pigling
The guy slicing some for me
Straight from the grill station!
The specially done roast chilly pork

The chaat station was nothing extraordinary so I skipped that.

The Chaat Station

They had a whole range of different kinds of bread laid out and I tried a few but was not up to the mark.

The bread counter

The cheese and salad garden was a better option as they looked fresh and also tasted great.

The Salad Bar!
Candied Beetroot and Cheese Salad

It had the right amount of vinaigrette. I tried both of them as I’m a crazy salad lover!

They also had a list of grills , pasta and pizzas to order from but there was so much already at the counters that I decided to stay away from them this time.

Next was the platter of cold meats…

Meat Meat And More Meat

Barbecue Chicken With Green Beans and Cherry

Coming to the maincourse, apart from the boring soups and Chinese there was a spectacular goan spread consisting of traditional dishes such as the goan veg pu
lao, chicken cafreal and lamb vindaloo.

The Goan Veg Pulao

Vegetable Caldin

Indian Bread
Sliced Beef In Pepper Celery Sauce

There was also a live egg and waffle station

The Waffle Maker

All on my plate!

There was so much on my plate and mind you I may be tiny to look at but I tried every single dish on the menu and by the end of it, I needed a bit of a break before dessert as that is my baby. My meal is never over without them!

Just to summarize,

My top favourites:

Roast pigling

The roast pigling is something that took me to surprise. It was sitting down so pretty. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten a good meal like this. Cooked to perfection, the meat so very tender and had a crisp skin. It was definitely the highlight of my entire food experience!

Lamb Vindaloo

It was such a great dish bursting with rich flavours. You could identify each spice and that colour of the gravy was amazing. Looked like your taste buds were in trouble but it was not too spicy.The meat was tender and it was a superb dish as a whole.

Paprika Spiced Shrimp and Lasagne

I’m a huge fan of lasagne and it’s the first thing I go for when I see it part of a wide spread like this. Each layer had a good amount of sauce and shrimp and it was a great hit! I liked the fact that it was overloaded with cheese too.

Chilli Octopus And Fish With Orange Vinaigrette

This was my first shot at octopus and it worked great for me.Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought to eat this ‘creature’ before. It just doesn’t look very appetizing to me but the chef managed to change that. This dish was so flavourful and the octopus and fish complement each other so well. It was a win-win dish!

The few misses:

Pan-fried Potato and Semolina Gnocchi in Pesto

I am very particular when it comes to Italian cuisine. I do have high expectations so this one just didn’t seem to satisfy me. There was too much dough in the gnocchi and it wasn’t cooked well either. The potato and gnocchi somehow did not go well together for me.

Chicken Cafreal

Being a typical Goan babe, my chicken cafreal needs to have those unique flavours that take me back to where it originated but this dish was nothing out of the world. It didn’t even taste authentic so was quite disappointed.

By now, it was time for desserts and you should see my face while I attack them. No one dare say a word or disturb me.

The dessert studio consisted of Indian sweets to cakes to souffles and much more…

Here’s a glimpse of it:

Apple And Franzipani Tart
Basil Pannacotta
Chocolate Eclair

Chocolate Pyramid

Coconut Jamun
Mango Bawarian Delight
Melon Seed Burfi
Strawberry Yogurt Mousseline
w Cheese Cake

There was so much to choose from and I just could not decide. So after having a few words with the pastry chef, Deepa  she handpicked a few for me.

What you see on the plate here?

This ended my relaxed Sunday brunch and I was happy to have the Executive Sous Chef, Gaurav Anand and his entire team join me for a while and chat up.

The whole team that cooks with love!

The whole experience was yet another great one. Sunday brunches in Bangalore never seem to leave me disappointed. I would rate the ambiance higher than the food. That’s what made it so enjoyable and another great Sunday with the entire family.

One that is not very hard to forget!

(The author dined anonymously and paid for her own meal)

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