Alexander the Great!

Come to Goa and apart from the sun, sea and sand, what’s the next thing you want???


It is important to find the right kind of places that serve authentic Goan cuisine and I know for sure that is one place I can recommend.

Alexander’s is located on the Candolim beach stretch and is very seasonal. Open only from October till April. It may be a little hard to find but you will love it once you find it.

The owner himself comes to your table and tells you what the dishes of the day are and suggests which is the best to have according to your preferences.

I really was impressed with this cute little place and once the food came on the table, I was left with nothing more to say.

All eyes on the food and my mouth got to work.

We ordered:

The Mixed Sea Food Grill Sizzler

It was a very unique dish. Something I have never had before. There was so many flavours in my mouth that I was trying to register each one while I was eating. I wish I could steal the recipe for this.

The Sausage Pulao

This is the typical goan sausage mixed in rice which has always been my favourite. I can never come to Goa and not eat this one of a kind dish. I was glad that it wasn’t too spicy. They used good quality rice which definitely made it even more tasty.

Was really glad to have found this place, and you should all add this to your list when planning your next trip to Goa!

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