An Ode To Summer at The Fatty Bao

Just when you feel that the hot, summer days are almost over and soon the monsoons will be kicking in, The Fatty Bao makes sure that they don’t let you down by introducing their all new Summer Menu which is more like a tribute to the beautiful Summer ’16- “ An Ode To Summer” that will go on till the end of this month.

Chef Prashanth Puttaswamy, the executive chef has carefully curated an interesting menu that celebrates the magic of summer ingredients and refreshing concoctions with echoes of Asian flavours.

From refreshing sushis and summer rolls to crunchy salads and traditional Asian dishes, the menu is a perfect summer collection that helps you unwind on a lazy, sunny afternoon.

Photo courtesy: Kunal Chandra

Start off by sipping on some of their refreshing cocktails that include Mary Blue, Summer Shandy, Litchi Fizz and Sunny Margarita.
I absolutely loved the Sunny Margarita- a tequila based cocktail that had the freshness of mangoes passion fruit and lime.
Also, the Litchi Fizz was quite a delightful drink. Rum, Litchi Juice, Fresh Lime and Tonic Water with Star Anise.
But if you’re a teetotaller, then I would suggest you go for the Cucumber cooler minus the Gin.

Once you’ve settled down with your drinks, it’s time to dig into their chilled, summery salads. The first one I got to taste was the Thai Summer Salad. It was so colourful and had so many elements, my favourite being watermelon. A simple salad indeed but felt great on the palate.

Next was the Cold Noodle Salad that consisted of Spicy Asian Glass Noodles & Pickled Vegetables. It was light, refreshing and full of great flavours!

Moving on to the appetizers, I’m not a sushi fan at all. Actually, I’ve had too many bad experiences with it on previous occasions that I haven’t had the courage to try it again. But the Caterpillar Sushi was so appealing to the eyes. Consists of Poached Shrimps & Tempura Fried Prawns, it’s a must have I hear!

The Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls that consisted of vegetables, crushed peanuts and served with a sweet citrus chilli dipping sauce were the perfect summer rolls. I was fascinated by how paper-thin they were but would have loved if it had meat in them.

The next dish that was brought to the table was the Stir Fried Broccolli with Crispy Mirin Glazed Bacon. This was the best of both worlds. They complement each other so well and I was definitely not counting the calories.

The Korean Fried Chicken is another great addition to this menu. Served with a yogurt and mint dip, it’s a pleasure to bite into with your cocktails. And the best part was that it didn’t feel like you were eating chicken. Cooked to perfection, it was my favourite of the afternoon for sure!

After a marathon of appetizers, it was time to hit the main course. We were served two traditional Asian dishes- Chicken Rice and Malacca Asam Pedas .

The Chicken Rice being Singapore’s National Dish had fatty’s twist to it and was served with the Broth and Vegetables. I’m not too fond of chicken but this was such a soulful dish. Cheers to that beautiful, crispy skin!

The hot and sour Malacca Asam Pedas curry with Pomfret & vegetables on the other hand was a real disappointment. The pomfret failed at soaking up all the flavours of the curry and hence made it bland and quite tasteless. All the rich flavours you usually find were missing.

Finally it was time to end the meal with two simply, outstanding creations. Not only were they too pretty to eat but there was so much going on in my mouth that for a minute I had to stop to think whether I was actually eating a dessert or what.

Their signature Mango PannaCotta with sago, pistachio crumble & vanilla ice cream was full of flavour and great textures. A beautifully set pannacotta with the right amount of gelatin that resulted in that little jiggle, it was complete happiness in my mouth!

The Frozen Rainbow Cake- a light and layered sponge cake was another masterpiece. I was reliving my childhood dream. So much colour and flavours that left me speechless. A dessert you’ve got to try!

So if you’re looking for a chilled out afternoon or an evening out with your pals, then Fatty Bao is the place you’ve got to be heading to this Summer. With their delightful concoctions and mind-blowing dishes, you are sure to be left more than satisfied.

Clockwise: Rice Paper Rolls, Mango PannaCotta, Malacca Asam Pedas and thai Summer Salad

The celebration will run from the 20th of May(Friday) till the 29th of May(Sunday)

12 to 3pm (lunch on weekdays and weekends)
7pm to 10.30pm (dinner on weekdays & Sunday)
7pm to 11.30pm (Dinner on Fridays and Saturday).

Address: 610, 3rd Floor, 12th A Main Road, off 80 feet Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

For Reservations call: +91 80 44114499

Twitter/ Instagram: @thefattybaoblr

(The author was invited to the preview lunch. However, the views of the author remain unbiased and are completely her own)

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