Another home isAndora’s!

I call it another home.

Don’t even ask how many times I end up having a bite at this happening college-centric hangout.

Being opposite St Andrew’s College, it never gets a break. Kids are hungry 24/7 and when they are satisfied, you’ll find a whole bunch of middle-aged folks taking back some food after a tired day of work.

It never ends and hence the food standard keeps getting better.

Today, I stopped by with my cousin for a quick munch and to my surprise I found not to many people around (which is a good thing!)

We decided to just have something small but you know how that never works out.

So there you go:

Chicken Hot Dog

I find this very out of the ordinary as it is not exactly what you would picture a hot dog to be. The bun is fresh and soft with a nice sweet and hot saucy mince filling inside bringing out all the flavours of the dish.

Simple yet very pleasing to the stomach

Chicken Croquettes

Got it’s origination from France, but seemed to have made it’s place in our very own country too.

They are breadcrumb fried rolls that contain shredded chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables, milk and cheese in bechamel sauce.

Crisp on the outside and very well balanced once you bite into it. Great textures and its good stuff!

Chicken Samosas

Samosas have become so mainstream these days. Everywhere you go, you end up eating them hence I wasn’t really fascinated by these. I mean I’ve had better ones.

They were hot and crisp so that was nice!

Didn’t feel like having any dessert. It was five in the evening. How much more can I eat?!

Will definitely review some more food from Andora’s when I do get the time. So long till then!

My Review

Already reviewed the place in my previous post.

But, “Best dish” is definitely bagged by the Chicken Hot Dog

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