Baked Lemon Cheesecake


Would you believe me if I told you I’m not a birthday-excited person. I don’t know what it is but I just don’t like the attention. I also believe you should feel special or mean something to someone everyday. BUT all that said, I need a birthday cake. Give me a birthday cake everyday and you’re my best friend =D

Ever since I watched that episode when Katharine Sabbath came for an elimation challenge on Masterchef Australia with her birthday cake, I’ve been so entrigued with it.

What does a birthday cake mean to you? I’m definitely not one for all that fondant and buttercream frosting. I feel that just spoils the whole taste of it. Maybe a cheesecake though.

Thats my biggest weakness. How I love to come back after a tiring day in the kitchen, put my legs up and dig into a delicious slice of lemon cheesecake.

I’ve actually been looking for a good cheesecake recipe for years now. I remember I initially tried out some online recipes and failed it. Gave up for a bit. But then at Le Cordon Bleu, we had to make it and I was so terrified but this saved by life. And now I can proudly say that I can make a damn good cheesecake.

Few things to note:

1. What cream cheese to use- Use the best quality cream cheese you can find. I use Philadelphia and I think it’s available worldwide. Don’t try saving thinking ‘oh it’s anyways going into the cake, what difference can it make’ It does make a HUGE difference in the taste.

2. Knowing when your cheesecake is ready- This is the most tricky part of the whole process because time just gives you a vague idea. You have to keep checking it.  The best way I’ve found is look out for the edges to puff a bit and the centre should jiggle a bit like jelly.

3. Be prepared in advance- Remember the cheesecake needs time to cool and rest. The best results are keeping it in the fridge overnight. I hate the effect of the blast chiller( even though we have no choice in professional kitchens) but that gently cooling gives you a beautiful cake.

4. How to improvise- Sometimes if you’re doing a cheesecake with sweeter fruits, then you could use sour cream along with the cream cheese. I avoided it here because it already has the zesty flavour from the lemon.

5. How to make it look pretty- They say these days, we eat with our eyes. And how true is that?                       Every great thing I eat goes on my Instagram story so it has to look good. There are so many decorative ingredients one can use. Be as creative as you can get. I’ve just wanted to keep it simple so I’ve used a raspberry coulis, tempered chocolate discs, blueberries and micro herbs.

Goodluck with your cheesecake battle. I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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Baked Lemon Cheesecake
A little cheesecake didn't hurt anyone 😉
  1. In a bowl, combine the crushed biscuits and melted butter to a loose paste.
  2. Line the base of a spring form pan with baking paper.
  3. Add the biscuit mix and press down. Chill in freezer for 30 mins until set.
  4. In another bowl, mix the cheese, sugar, lemon zest and juice with a stick blender until smooth.
  5. Slowly add in the eggs and emulsify.
  6. Pour mixture into the pan.
  7. Bake at 150 degrees C for about 40 minutes or until set.
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    1. Hi Sonali,

      Thanks for stopping by here. Usually the weight of an egg white is 30 gms and egg yolk is 20 gms. But it all depends on the size of the egg, hence I prefer weighing it out in gms. It would be around a little more than 3 egg whites and 1 egg yolk. But I suggest you weigh it out too 🙂
      Hope you enjoy this recipe. Good luck!

  1. What a wonderful recipe. Thanks so much. I normally make a non-bake cheesecake but your way seems so easy that I’m going to try it as soon as I can. Thanks again.

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