Being a True Parsee!

Yum tums!!!

Greetings to you all ☺

I’ve had such an eventful weekend which all began last evening with my first ever attended “Navjote” which my cute, little cousins received and ended with a grand lunch this afternoon at a house warming celebration.

But I’ll only be talking about my grand Parsee meal as I was really fascinated with the while arrangement.

Before, I tell you more about it , let me give you an insight on what a Navjote is all about as I’m sure most of you will not be familiar with it.

So it’s basically a ceremony that symbolizes “new life” . It initiates a person into the Zoroastrian faith.

Like for all other Parsee celebrations, food is the highlight of the entire event! It is a known fact that Parsees are obsessed with their food and take great pride in it.

Being one-fourth Parsee, this follows with me too

Here is a traditional Parsee meal.

All that is on this beautiful banana leaf really made my tummy very happy.

Started with the Patra Ni Macchi, which is a type of fish marinated in green masala and then steamed in a banana leaf.

It is simply gorgeous. The sweet and spicy flavours go crazy in your mouth. Ate it for the first time and really enjoyed it!

Gor Keri Achar( Mango Pickle) and Wafers!!!

They go so well together. Nice to start the meal with them to get a good appetite.

The Spring roll was also quite nicely done. Crispy on the outside and there was a yummy meat stuffing inside.

Sali Boti

It is a mutton gravy eaten with crisp potato sticks known as sali.

This has been my all time favorite dish. I absolutely adored all the different flavours in my mouth and the texture of the mutton was brilliant.

Parsee-Style Chicken Biryani

By the end of it, I could only have one spoon of this as I was super stuffed and knew that I had to keep place for desserts. No excuses there!

Ended the meal with the authentic Bread Pudding and Jalebi!

I’m so glad I finally got the opportunity to eat a proper Parsi meal.

Hope to be called for more now and cannot miss out on them!!!!

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