Why I want to become a pastry chef

It’s been almost a month at Le Cordon Bleu. I pinch myself everyday because this still seems so unreal but I’m giving it my everything and been pushing myself to be the best I can. I apologise for this long pending post. I literally don’t have a life anymore. My schedule is chaotic as it […]

Foraging all the time!

It’s been months now that I decided to stop writing reviews on the blog. I still love eating and writing about food but it’s just a few more months till I go make my biggest dream come true so made this space all about baking and desserts, hoping it will help me eat less. (Failed […]

Farzified Again!! (Farzi Cafe New Menu)

‘Farzified’ is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear someone talking Farzi Cafe. And guess what? It just got #Farzified again!! If you’re confused what this whole conversation is all about, it’s time you came down here to figure it out. The word Farzi has many connotations, but at this upscale […]

Going down Memory Lane- Windsor Pub

  I was made to understand that pubs were treated as tourist attractions in Bangalore when they first started to emerge in the mid 1980’s. People who came from out of the city were completely mesmerized with the whole concept. After all, it was known as the pub capital of India so that was no […]