Cheers To A Night Of Sangrias and Seafood

In the world of Seafood, there’s so much to discover.

Seafood has always had a special place in my heart. It brings back memories of Goa where I would go there every school vacation to gorge on some of the best of dishes the place offers. I can never say ENOUGH to seafood and once I start eating it, I find it really hard to stop and that’s what happened the other night at the Shanghai Club.

As we entered, the whole Chinese setup with urns caught my eye and for a minute it actually felt like I was in the ‘Paris Of The East’. This fine dining Chinese restaurant celebrates the beauty of food with a contemporary ambience and it was exciting to see what was in store for us.

I was invited by the Food Bloggers Association of India and ITC Hotels to a Night of Sangria’s and Seafood. Trust me, it was as exotic as it sounds!

Chef Shrey Sood, the Sous Chef at ITC Grand Central and Chef Yuanzhong Jia played lovely hosts introducing us to all the various dishes that with such pride we were about to savour and appreciate.

The evening was all about getting the right flavours and most of the dishes definitely hit the spot!

Seafood pairs particularly well with Sangria as the fruit in the drink complements the dish. I was in for a treat!

We were served four different kinds of Sangria namely Classic Sangria, Cherry and Plum, Watermelon and Basil and Very Berry.

Unfortunately, was a little late so did not get the chance to try the last one but the Water melon and Basil Sangria was out of this world and I’m sure the other bloggers will agree with me on this! It had its own distinctive flavour that went well together. It was that good that I lost count at the number I had after a while!

As we were sipping on our drinks, the appetizers started coming onto the table.

We began with the Singapore Chilli Crab with Egg White

This is one dish that I can keep coming back for. The strong flavours of the garlic and chilli hit all the right spots on my palate, the crab meat was extremely tender and what I really liked about this dish was that even though we were sitting at a table in a 5 star restaurant, we made good use of our hands. Its only when you do that you enjoy it more!

Steam scampi with hot bean and mango

I’m not a big fan of scampi but it was nice to see how well the whole dish came together. That mango made a huge difference giving out a brilliant flavour and good after feeling in the mouth.

Crispy pomfret tossed with Chinese barbeque sauce

A beautiful handpicked crisp piece of fish cooked to perfection accompanied by an exquisite sauce. A real classy dish I must say!

Prawn bamboo shoot & waterchestnut shumai

I was all geared up to indulge in these delectable bites as they came straight out of the cane baskets and onto our plates. But this was unfortunately a bit bland for my Indian taste buds and I love my dumplings so it was a real pity indeed!

Seafood chilli butter soup

Felt that this was a bit too strong and was composed of too many spices. I could feel it going right up to my nostrils. Not my kind of soup even on a cold, rainy day.

After a marathon of appetizers, main course seemed like another big task. Phew! There was so much to eat!

Stir- fried lobster with guzion sauce

Another remarkable dish that tantalized my taste buds. Lobster is a delicacy and has to be cooked well to get the most out of it. I loved how it was packed with a whole range of flavours.

The Wok tossed Hakka noodles with pokchoy and Mix Vegetable fried Rice was simple and light. It went really well with the lobster.

Apart from this, there was also Stir-fried Asian greens and lotus stem with burnt garlic and Lotus leaf wrapped steam rice with shitake that was somehow not appealing to my palate.

Now it was time for the grand finale. I can never end my meal without satisfying my sweet tooth however stuffed I am.

So here it goes…

A platter of some gorgeous desserts

Jasmine flavoured Tiramisu

I love Tiramisu in its original form and was a bit hestitant to try this. But one bite of it and I just couldn’t control myself. (You know I have to visit my gym trainer now). The texture of the cake was impeccable. I could get the taste of each individual ingredient and boy, I was in trouble! A flawless creation indeed!

The homemade vanilla and red bean ice cream was simple yet so sophisticated. It had the right amount of sweetness but still nothing beats that Tiramisu!!

New world star anise torte was liked by many of the other bloggers but somehow I didn’t take a liking to it.

Oriental food definitely seems to be catching up in the city. You see more and more people taking a liking to this kind of cuisine. The Chinese certainly know how to trick diners into eating more of their dishes.

This ends yet another wonderful gastronomical experience and cheers to many more to come!

The Chefs have curated three Sangria special menus:

The menu priced at INR 1500 plus taxes is a 5 course one that offers unlimited pours of Sangria with Chili tossed crispy vegetables with coriander & onions Guiyang style, Crispy spicy chicken tossed with red chilli and Sichuan pepper, Crispy Basa tossed with Hunan sauce, Chines clear soup with burnt garlic, Crispy honey drizzled noodles with vanilla ice-cream amongst others. This menu is available only during lunch.

Apart from this there are also two other menus with unlimited pours of Sangria. This is available only during dinner. The one priced at INR 2300 plus taxes is also a 5 course one which has Sweet water chestnut and baby corn tossed in Chinese barbeque sauce, Crispy Shrimps Sichuan mala sauce, Crispy fried chili lamb Sichuan style, Steam open headed chicken dimsum, Stir fried eggplant soya garlic, Braised chicken Xingjiang home style (Served in Chinese clay pot), Red bean crust cheese cake served with sour cherry, roasted almond ice cream and wild berry compote a
mongst others.

The other menu priced at INR 2700 plus taxes incudes Crispy sweetcorn kennels with onions and chilies, Crispy red snapper tossed with hot basil sauce, Mapu tofu ( stir fried tofu in spicy chili bean sauce), Steam Baby lobster in Chef’s special sauce, Sliced lamb Huangmen sauce, Chili garlic mix vegetables fried rice, Shanghai Dessert Symphony amongst others. Please note, these are only few of the dishes from the menu. This again, is a five course menu.

Enjoy a true Chinese fare at ITC Grand Central!

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