Ham, Sweet Corn & Cheese Muffins

Some days you feel lazy. So lazy that you can’t even get yourself to go make lunch. The fact of having to make 3-4 dishes to keep your family happy scares you and then you think of this not-so-new concept anymore- BRUNCH.Ā Ā  It sounds fancy enough to all at home and the best part is […]

A Love Affair with Salted Caramel Chocolate

From the very first day I was introduced to this sauce, I couldn’t stop eating it.
Rich and creamy with the right balance of salt. It’s indeed a delicious indulgence.
Read all about my love affair with Salted Caramel Chocolate?
Sharing two simple recipes below šŸ™‚

St Patrick’s Day Special

It’s that time of the year when you’d see parades, dancing, good food and everything around you being green in Ireland. But what’s interesting to know is that it’s no more just a festival for the Irish as what used to be a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland has now become an international festival that is celebrated all across the globe. St Patrick’s Day celebrated every year on the 17th of March is an official Christian feast day and hence even though it falls in Lent every year, this is one day all restrictions on eating…

Falalalalalalala! Regina’s Rose Cookies for all

Two more days to #Christmas. This season has been ever so exciting. So much to eat, drink and make merry. I’ve been gorging on all the possible treats you can think of but there’s one of them that’s been an all-time favourite and that is Rose Cookies. Rose Cookies are a delicious festive delicacy and each community have their own way of making them. This is the Mangalorean style and they are spectacular! I will be sharing a precious recipe of my grandmum’s cook- Regina who makes these for her every year. This year I helped her make them and…

The Pattie Party

A few weeks ago, while I was back home in Bangalore, I had written my first ever food column in one of the best-selling newspapers there- Deccan Herald. It was one of the best feelings especially when I had a story to tell straight from my heart.