Farzified Again!! (Farzi Cafe New Menu)

‘Farzified’ is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear someone talking Farzi Cafe. And guess what? It just got #Farzified again!!

If you’re confused what this whole conversation is all about, it’s time you came down here to figure it out.

The word Farzi has many connotations, but at this upscale restaurant, it’s all about creating an illusion with its cuisine. It’s the place where traditional global cuisine meets regional influences and local flavours offering a gastronomic experience like none other!


Whenever I have friends coming down,  it’s the first place that pops out of my head because everytime I head to Farzi, I know I’m in for a whole new crazy experience. Every dish has a surprise element in it. And the new menu, is just simply mind-blowing. It brings back lots of good ol’ memories. They have taken classic dishes and given them a kickass makeover. Not a big fan of  this, but I never say no to experimentation. And these dishes really worked for me.

It was a hot, Summer afternoon, few weeks ago and I was all set to conquer the #FarziTwist.


Started off with a couple of drinks to get into the mood. Being quite a regular at Farzi, the bartender knows how obsessed I am with Gin and so sweetly fixed me a Gin-based mango cocktail (out of the menu) to feel the Summer vibes.

But if you’re a teetotaler, the Litchi Panna Desire is your best bet. You really can’t go wrong with litchi and raw mango. It helps your tastebuds play around with the sweet and sour flavours on your palate.


Mango Gin Cocktail
Litchi Panna Desire











Once we were quite settled down with our drinks and chatting away, the appetizers started rolling in. Usually at Farzi, I fill my stomach with lots of quick bites and try skipping the main-course. This is the course which you’ll tend to enjoy the most with your drinks.

Green Curry Marinated Paneer Tikka, Sambal Mayo


I was very curious to try the Thai Green Curry Paneer wondering how well the flavours would combine with each other. The paneer was creamy and soft, cooked in Tandoor and  marinated with green curry marinade. The flavours were spot on and went great with the sambal mayo.


Chilli Chicken, Patti Samosa, Sulemani Chai Chutney

There’s nothing really fascinating about samosas. It’s as basic as it gets.But there’s something special about the ones you get at Farzi. Stuffed with Andhra-style chilli chicken and meant to be dipped in a sweet and sour Sulemani chai sauce, these Chilli Chicken Samosas are crisp and delicious. Perfect to munch on while your sipping on your cocktails.


Guntur Chilli Chicken

Guntur Chilli Chicken- in a rolling pin camethis dish Andhra speciality. freshly ground spices . succulent pieces of chicken. Guntur chillies brought a wonderfulcolour to the dish. perfect with some chilled beer or even better my Mango based gin cocktail.

Mac and Cheese Pakora Bites

Mac and cheese is my ultimate comfort food especially when I’m having a really bad day. That’s all I crave but somehow eating it in the form of pakoras, didn’t work quite well for me at all. It lost its essence.

Deep fried fritters. served with a hot garlic sauce, these Mac and Cheese Pakora Bites was not my favourite dish at all.


Sion Prawn Koliwada, Anardana Dust, Shrimp Chips

Going back to the fisher villages in Bombay. the Sion Prawn Koliwada has a lot of nostalgia for many. It consists of deep fried prawn fritters made of rice flour, chopped curry leaves, chilli powder,and ajwain, served with shrimp chips. Bursting with flavour, I think I fell more in love with the crackers. I shamelessly went on munching on them,


Iyengar Bakery Style Toasties, Chicken Sukka, Scallion Coriander Chutney

If you’ve grown up in Bangalore, you’ll definitely have fond memories at Iyengar Bakery. And what are they known for- their masala sandwich.I’m from the next generation so never grew up on this but most of you’ll reading, I’m sure could relate to them. Farzi Cafe brings a twist to this iconic sandwich- Iyengar Bakery Style Toasties.  It consists of Mangalorean style spicy chicken sukka stuffed in bread toast, oozing with molten cheese served with scallion coriander chutney and homemade potato crisps, you’ve gone back in time!

Before moving onto main-course, I needed another drink to get me back in the game and this time I had to do it right by going classic. This is my standard drink at Farzi- Bottle ka gin. It’s got  lemon,vanilla, angostura bitter and cinnamon smoke, with a topping of ginger ale. All things good.

The first dish that came out was a pleaser to the eyes.  Shawarma Biryani– the best of both worlds! Mutton raan shawarma with traditional dum biryani. Sometimes I don’t understand how fusion of cuisines can hit the right chords. Succulent pieces of mutton, seasoned with spices, I found it to have a bit too much masala but wasn’t really convinced with the whole concept.I honestly didn’t see what the hype was all about!

Shawarma Biryani


Thankfully the next dish that came out, was a winner. I just need to hear the word ‘bacon’ and my life is sorted. Goan Chorizo and Bacon Biryani– it tasted even better than what it sounds. Smoky, spicy and tangy, I simply enjoyed it. Reminded me so much of my sausage pulao and the Bawi in me jumped with joy at the sight of the eedu (egg). Basmati rice cooked with chorizo and bacon, later on flavoured with masala, caramelized onions and topped with a sunny-side up fried egg, totally made my day!

Goan Chorizo & Bacon Biriyani, Caramelised Onions, Sunny Side Up.


Being a baker myself, desserts have always come first for me. But can’t say the same thing when it comes to Indian mithais. Although I must say that the Textures of Indian Dessert really stole my heart.

Farzi Sundae
Textures of Indian Dessert










Visually appealing and brilliantly executed, it was something so new and experimental for me. It’s Farzi’s interpretation of different types of Indian dessert with 7 different textures which includes orange kalakand espuma, Blueberry pedha, Mango pedha, Chena payas, carrot cream, Besan laddoo crumble, Apple custard rabdi. each component has it’s own unique flavour and texture.

Rich and sinfully sweet, don’t eat too much main-course if you really want to enjoy this dessert.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter and not as sweet, the Farzi Sundae is your pick. It consists of three flavours of kulfi- namely cardamom, pistachio and  blueberry served with chocolate brownie, chocolate vermicelli , gems, wafer cigar, nuts and  ice cream. You’re literally reliving your childhood dream with this one!


If you’re a 90’s kid, you’re really going to LOVE the new menu at Farzi. What really caught my attention was bringing about more local flavours. They have tried to give equal importance to every cuisine in the country.

20 new dishes in the #FarziTwist menu. Ufff.. It can really be quite exhaustive.It’s already taken me two trips, don’t know how many more I’ll need.


(The author was invited to review the new menu. However, the views of the author remain unbiased and are solely her own.)


ADDRESS: 202, Level 2, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Phone number:+91 7259400900

                                 +91 7259600900

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