Five Fat Monks

It’s not always about eating at the Michelin starred restaurants and fine dining restaurants. Take a walk down the busiest of lanes and you’ll find yourself eating some great comfort food at affordable prices.

Five Fat Monks could be one of them. It is buzzing with happy shoppers and young students who are on fixed budgets.

It was my last weekend for the next three months and my girlfirends wanted to catch up. Thank god we didn’t get too carried away by all the shopping!!!

We were in the mood for a quick bite so decided to stop by here for a while.

Asian cuisine has always been my favourite after Italian so I was in for good trouble.

Walking through the doors of this tiny place in the middle of all the hussle and bussle of the city, it was the bright orange and white colours that caught my eye. They have got some great artwork and decor which makes the place all the more inviting.

The minute we sat down, the kind waiter came to our table and patiently took down our order. Like I had mentioned before, this was just a pre-dinner meal so we shared the dishes.

They have different combos to choose from but we decided to go with the ones that were already on the menu. We trusted the guy to choose for us and prayed to god we made the right decision by doing so.

I liked the idea of chopsticks being placed before us, encouraging their diners to eat the traditional way but I’m still not a pro at it so didn’t want to embarrass myself and quietly gobbled up my food with a fork.

Being a crazy meat junkie, I had to order the Prawn-Chicken-Lamb Holy Trinity.

The name itself got me excited and how awesome it is to have all my favourites in one dish.

It consisted of prawns, chicken breast, roasted lamb in an oyster sauce with silky noodles. A perfect combination!

The next dish was the Zen Hen. So what is this all about?

Crunchy chicken in sticky soy-chilli sauce along with some egg-fried rice. Although I told him to cut down on the spices, it was fire in my mouth. And one could definitely tell as my eyes were watering and nose started running. But I couldn’t stop eating it cause it was really tasty. A dish with brilliant flavours!

The biggest disappointment was the service. That is something they have got to work on. The waiters take their own sweet time to come and attend to you so that was a bit annoying specially when we were not eating much and in a hurry to leave.

It was quite wholesome and talking the amount we eat, we were pretty stuffed. The flavours were brilliant.

I thought the food was not outstanding but decent for the money we shelled out.

If you’re craving Chinese and need a quick meal then this is a place you could try out!

My Review

Food: 3

Service: 2


Value for Money: 4


Shop No. 2 Ground Floor, The New Kamal Society, Near National College, Water field Road, Bandra West, Mumbai- 400050

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