Food On Wheels: The SWAT Truck

First of all, I have to apologize to all my readers for staying away for more than a week. The pressure of being a journalism student is hitting me now and it’s not going to get easy from hence forth so do bear with me.

This has been a pending post for some time now. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

It’s not always about sitting at five star, lavish hotels and being all prim and proper. Although I cannot go to compare the hospitality and quality of food you get from these so called ‘hotels’, there is much more to this world of gastronomy. Food trends keep fascinating us every day and hence it’s time to get on the streets and discover what more they have to offer.

India has been a country that has always opened its arms to roadside stalls and we ‘Desis’ love picking up rubbish from them.  But the West is yet again influencing us and I must say that Bangalore is catching up to this whole trend of ‘dude food’

Dishing out food from funky trucks with over the top kitchens at mean prices, can life get any better?

It was one of my last few days at home and I had to take back a good food memory with me. We headed down south to Indiranagar where the SWAT Truck stands and is always surrounded by a bunch of hungry eaters so it is hard not to notice it.

I was all thrilled to have the taste of New York right here in my city so that made me a little high on life!

The masterminds behind this mancho truck, Jimson Johns and Leoma D’souza (hotel management graduates from Christ University) and Vivek Cornelia serve up food with a twist and that explains the existence of SWAT!

Their biggest inspiration has been Eat Street and their main aim is to get folks around here more acquainted with this kind of cuisine. It is India’s first food truck serving authentic American curbside gourmet which is still a fairly new concept in the country.

It is all about simple, affordable food and being experimental and open to it.

The response they get is unbelievable. You see crowds lingering around the truck at any hour and that explains the results in the tardy service. But trust me, it’s totally worth the wait!

There are no hassles in dolling up, making a hundred reservations or even stressing out to be late for a meeting as it is food that can be eaten on the go with no strings attached.

Every day is a new menu. This allows you to play around with your taste buds and discover more of the foodie in you.

Enough of jabbering now and it’s time to dig in…

We reached at around 9 pm and it was a weekday so thankfully was able to beat the crowds. Here was the menu for the day:

Started off with a Virgin Mojito as it was one of those hot, summer days and needed something to stay cool.

The drink was very refreshing and the mint was not too strong either. If only they had a liquor license and spiked it, I would have been on cloud nine!

All American Meat Burger

This is undoubtedly the most popular item on the menu and their best seller! The meat patty was cooked to perfection and extremely juicy.

BEEF!!! BEEF!!! BEEF!!! was all I was thinking of at that moment as I knew how much I would miss it once I came back to Mumbai. (because of the Maharashtra State Beef Ban)

It is very indulging indeed and just how I like a good burger!

Mac & Cheese Chicken Burger

This is all about textures and flavours in your mouth. I am Mac and Cheese’s biggest fan alive and hence I was all in to have a great big bite of it! The creamy, cheezy pasta along with the crunchiness of the bun….  Scored for me!

Sloopy Joe Chicken burger

It was definitely the messiest thing to eat on that menu but isn’t that what street food is all about? Get messy, get dirty… We’re not sitting at a classy restaurant where a bunch of people are judging us!

It was bursting with flavours and that mustard complemented the burger really well. A must have!

Molten cheese nachos

After a marathon of burgers, it felt good to dig into a plate of good ole nachos. Nachos are my favourite movie time snack and these were truly out of this world. A handful of crisp Nachos overloaded with meat and cheese… Don’t ask how many calories I would have gone back home with that night!

No complains! It was totally worth it all!

Wanted to end it with the deep fried oreos but sadly they were all sold out.  But there is always a next time and that is not too far away.

SWAT Food Truck is all about a new food culture and giving fast food a whole new definition.

They tickle your taste buds with some real finger lickin food which you will never get fed up of. They are also open to constant feedback and are always ready to improvise and cater to their customer’s needs.

Now it looks like they have all new offerings on the menu. Can’t wait to get back and try them out!!

Finger lickin good!

Here’s wishing them all the very best in living the big American foodie dream!

You will either find them at HSR Layout, Indiranagar and  Koramangla.

Do follow them on their Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/TheSWATfoodTruck for all the live updates.

Apart from their Facebook page -The SWAT Truck, you can join their Whatsapp messaging group 9620 164 528 for daily updates and fun food-related chats.

(The author dined anonymously and paid for her own bill)

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