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Foraging all the time!

It’s been months now that I decided to stop writing reviews on the blog. I still love eating and writing about food but it’s just a few more months till I go make my biggest dream come true so made this space all about baking and desserts, hoping it will help me eat less. (Failed attempt :D)

Don’t be bummed. You can still find my food tales on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Like I was saying earlier, few more months to go and so many more places to visit but there are some restaurants that instantly have my heart. One such restaurant happens to be Forage.

Eat better, Stay fit, live well

That’s what the folks at Forage will tell you. In the busy neighbourhood of Indiranagar, walk into this warm, cozy space that’s got colourful couches and pretty lamps all around. Their well-stocked bookshelf invites you to grab a book, find a quiet corner and chill out.

Chef Himanshu Dimri in the kitchen

Coming to their menu, they keep it short and sweet so there’s no confusion about what you want to order. The man behind it all, Chef Himanshu Dimri describes it as California-style, with the focus on healthy, light, nutritious dishes. Influenced by Californian and Nouvelle European cuisine, with an emphasis on farm-to-table, crafted dishes. The chef brings about healthy twists to classic dishes, not messing around too much with the flavours. What really took me to surprise is that there’s no chicken or paneer on the menu. (which happens to be a very good thing in my case) When asked the reason for the same, we were told that chicken is just a boring protein. And I couldn’t agree more.

The menu consists of simple cooking techniques combined with good ingredients that avoids dairy, sugar and gluten. It’s Bangalore’s home to where clean food meets gourmet.

We started off breaking bread with some gorgeous sourdough served with an olive tapenade. The perfect accompaniment while you’re sipping on some wine.

Sourdough bread

Next the starters came out and what a treat we were in for! The ever so colourful Beet and Orange Salad, served with walnuts and red wine vinaigrette drizzled over was fresh and tangy. I thoroughly enjoyed that added crunch of the walnuts.

The Butter Sweet Prawns plated with greens and sage was such a show stopper after all that leafy stuff. Fresh plump prawns tossed in butter, bringing clean, beautiful flavours to the palate.
They say less is more. And that’s exactly what this dish is all about.

The Misu Tofu Maki stood pretty on the plate and they felt way too delicate to demolish but one bite, and you could hear my tastebuds, sing away with happiness. Crunchy strips of zucchini rolled with creamy tofu and misu, it was extremely light and a great option for all you vegetarians out there.

Lastly, the Petite Lamb Chops were brought in full Masterchef style and honestly, it was a real winner of a dish for me.  Tender meat, falling off the bone, glazed with white wine reduction, rosemary and confit garlic. I was actually having second thoughts whether I should order mains after this.


Beet and Orange Salad
Butter Sweet Prawns


Misu Tofu Maki
Petite Lamb Chops


But yes, food just keeps tempting us. For mains, we settled with A Piece of Cake which consisted of steamed red rice cake, topped with sauteed crunchy mixed greens in a creamy coconut sauce. Being a hard core meat eater (and not a chicketarian) I added prawn to the dish as well. A very well balanced dish and I absolutely loved the freshness of those prawns.

The Jalapeno Mushroom Pasta on the other hand was nothing really spectacular. If you’re looking for your dose of healthy pasta, then this may be your best bet. Jalapeno spiced fusilli, cooked al dente and tossed with tangy mushrooms, baby spinach, parmesan and lime.

A Piece of Cake
Jalapeno Mushroom Pasta


Finally, we arrived to the most exciting part of the whole dining experience. Everyone who knows me well by now, will know how much I love my desserts. And this wasn’t about those sinful cakes I bake back at the kitchen, it was all about indulgence without guilt.

I’m trying to get into the whole substitution of healthier, cleaner ingredients in my desserts too so was very curious to see what the folks at Forage had in store for us.

My cousin who accompanied me is a big coffee fan so the Coffee Panna cotta had to be ordered. Not very appealing to look at, but the flavours were bang on. The Italian dessert is completely dairy free and is made with corconut milk. Seemed quite unusual to me, but the texture took me to surprise. It was just perfect. Served with a jaggery coffee coconut syrup, I loved how the coconut balanced the dessert so beautifully.

Next was the Chocolate Torte that was so sinful yet healthy. Consisting of crushed almonds, olive oil, real cacao and raw cane sugar, a dessert completely gluten free. It’s quite heavy because of the almond but just my kind of dessert when I run out of my cheat days.


Coffee Panna cotta
Chocolate Torte


After eating all that food, the best part of this whole experience was that I wasn’t feeling like I needed to hit the sack, which is quite the case whenever I eat anywhere else. And after chatting with the wonderful lady behind this space, Mayura, she was saying that this is exactly what their aim was. Offering smart, appetizing options to diners that can help  them stay healthy and energetic, not leaving them feeling bloated and lethargic.

The restaurant promises to be a destination not just for the health-conscious, but for anyone who wishes to have a fresh, clean and flavourful gourmet experience. A refreshing change to the city’s dining scene indeed!



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