Happy 2nd Birthday Fatty! (Fatty’s Travel Tales)

Birthdays come and go. But when it is that of your favourite restaurant, you ought to celebrate in style.

Yes, Fatty turned two this year and it’s hard to believe how fast it grew up. Felt like it was just the other day, that I was introduced to this Asian gastro-bar to satisfy my cravings.

Fatty Bao, the most chic and trendiest restaurant in town, breaks new ground with inventive food, vibrant décor and a fresh treatment of casual dining while striking a harmonious balance between a great bar and a trendy food space.

This time of the year, as it celebrates its birthday, it brings to you a whole new exciting festival- Fatty’s Travel Tales. It’s a delightful adventure of exciting local dishes and inventive cocktails inspired by the flavours of East and South East Asia, taking your palate on a trip across ten Asian countries.

Fatty Bao, all dressed up in colourful buntings and lovely lanterns, Chinese umbrellas and twinkling candle lights is set to take you on a mouth-watering, gastronomical journey.

Executive Chef, Prashanth has curated a fascinating menu, packed with delightful textures and exciting new Asian flavours, inspired by the diverse culinary offerings of the region.

The Menu

Start off this exciting adventure with some mind-blowing cocktails that pair well with the huge platter of Asian delights they have to offer.

The Calamansi consisting of Absolut Mandarin vodka, saffron infused vodka, calamansi and lime was a stellar creation. Enjoyed the fusion of flavours in my mouth. But on the other hand, the Silk Route wasn’t a favourite. Maybe because of the addition of jamun.

Calamansi, Silk Route

The star of the afternoon had to be the Ca Phe Hanoi- a mix of whisky, cold espresso, caramel syrup and fresh cream. It completely stole the show and was specially customized for all the coffeeholics out there.

Ca Phe Hanoi

Moving on to the food, the Korean-inspired Kimchi Fries, baked with cheese is soul-comforting and if you find fries too overrated, you’ve got to give these a try!

Going the street food way, this Hong Kong dish- Lo Bak Go will make you go nuts with the bang of flavours going on in your mouth. A radish cake with wild mushrooms, steamed and pan fried with sriracha and garlic sauce, it was indeed impressive.

The most happening dish of the festival is supposed to be the Tiger Sushi Roll with spicy salmon, tamaki, cucumber and orange gel. I’ve never been a fan of sushi and fallen sick on it way too many times so skipped that.

The Har Cheong Gai– Singaporean fried chicken with shrimp paste and dipping sauce had a burst of flavours and went great with the accompaniments.

Clockwise: Kimchi Fries, Har Cheong Gai, Lo Bak Go and Tiger Sushi Roll

After taking a detour to Japan, the Carbon Tiger Prawn Tempura served with Yuzu mayonnaise, citrus salad and prawn crackers was an outstanding preparation by the chef himself. He char-grills eggplants and lemon through a slow roasting method and uses the powder extracted in his dishes making it look simply gorgeous.

Carbon Tiger Prawn Tempura

Another dish one cannot miss out on is the Vietnamese Saigon Bun Rieua crab broth with tomato, vermicelli noodles, garlic, chilli and lime. The broth had a pungent aroma but balanced the crab meat. A great dish for the typical Bangalore weather!

Stop at Chinatown to savour –Roujiamo which is a grilled Chinese hamburger with braised pork and lettuce. If you’re a fan of their signature baos, you’ll love this dish too!

The biggest disappointment was another Singaporean dish that didn’t quite live up to the previous one. The looks of it made the Cheung Fung seem quite deceptive. The rolls of rice dumplings, simmered in thick yellow curry with scallion proved to be taste-less and I felt it was missing some elements in the bowl.

L-R: Cheung Fung, Saigon Bun Rieu and Roujiamo

Finally, after all the binge eating, it’s time to hop on the Bicol Expressslow cooked pork stew with shrimp paste and long chillies served with garlic fried rice from the Philippines. Sprinkle some of those fried onions and nuts over the rice, and you’ll feel like you’re in heaven!

Bicol Express

A travel tale cannot end without something sweet. Fatty offers you two outstanding creations that will make you wonder whether it is actually legal to eat them. They are too pretty to the eyes!

Beautifully presented, the Raindrop Cake consisting of miso soil, soy caramel sauce and fruit confetti will make you feel like a child all over again. There are so many elements on that plate to play around on your palate. A special mention to that beautiful caramel sauce!

The Sakura Winter is another stunner comprising vanilla, cherries, citrus and yogurt. Crack the pristine white meringue and there’s a surprise for all of you. A parfait in the centre with a beautiful texture of yogurt, cream cheese, cherries and citrus.

Talking to Chef Prashanth practically all afternoon was so inspiring. He KNOWS his food and prefers using fresh, simple ingredients with bold flavours in his dishes. This festival is all about that!

With Chef Prashanth

Fatty does not allow you to leave empty handed. Walk back home with return gifts: All diners get a chance to win return tickets to Singapore courtesy Tigerair, one of the leading budget carriers based in Singapore.

So what are you waiting for? Come aboard on this magical, culinary experience!

The Festival: 11th August – 28th August, 2016

Timings: Lunch: 12pm to 3pm

Dinner: 7pm to 10.30pm

Dinner: 7pm to 11.30pm (Fri & Sat)

(Children 10 years and below are welcome for lunch only)

Wallet Factor:

Meal for two without alcohol, excluding taxes Rs.1,600 ++

Meal for two including alcohol, excluding taxes Rs. 2,500++

(The author was invited to review the ongoing festival. However, the views of the author remain unbiased and are solely her own.)

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  1. wishing you all the luck for the Singapore trip. Fatty has definitely set some standards for all other restaurants across the country

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