How to kick start your own food blog

This post is long overdue. But these are some of the drawbacks of being a student. You never get the time. But Summer is here, so no more excuses anymore!

Now, I’m sure the first question you would ask me is: ‘Why would you go for a workshop when you already have your own food blog for a couple of months now?’

Firstly I would like to say that learning never stops and there is always something you will learn from each other along the way, however, professional you feel you are.

But anyways, that’s a very interesting question and I would love to answer it.

So read more to find out…

The Food Blogger’s Association Of India held a fun workshop as a part of the Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2015 at Starbucks, Horiman.

The workshop not only consisted of a bunch of panellists talking about food, but was very interactive and got the crowd involved too. We could all share our own experiences and throw in as many questions as we wanted, however, absurd it sounded.

The workshop consisted of talks on the different types of food blogs that can exist, which platforms to use, how to monetize and promote your blog and a little into food photography.

What was really fun to come across, was the sudden increase in the trend of micro- blogging.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much time to carry on with more topics.

But there was also a very fun exercise where the panellists had to taste three different kinds of drinks and be the best critics they could be!

What I took back from this workshop:

1. Made some lovely food blogger friends.

2. While starting a blog, there are no issues in sticking to one particular cuisine and being niche.

3. Always add a personal touch to your blog.

4. How to become a credible blogger.

5. The basic rules of blogging with the main one being: Never barge into a restaurant and ask for free food.

6. Treat your pictures as gold.

7. Your template should attract viewers.

8. Be as creative as you want.

The panellists for the day were:

Shanti Padukone @riotofflavours

Tarika Singh @tarikasingh

Simmi Sareen @bombayfoodie

Sameer Malkani @foodbloggerai

Elson Sequeira @elsonsequeira

Jahan Bloch @toxicbaker

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