It’s Tango Time!

Very often I hear this phrase, “Mexicans and Indians are brothers from another mother” and it’s only now that  I realize how true this statement holds. We both love to talk, be around people all the time and food is what we worship.

We also happen to have very similar taste buds and  preferences so if you’ve planned that trip to Mexico and it still hasn’t happened as yet, don’t fret because The Glasshouse allows you to take a trip there on your plate.

The Guest Chef Guillermo Favela, Sous Chef from La Tablita, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek comes to the Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency Mumbai to make this all possible for you. He is an absolute sweetheart who very patiently filled me with his culture by helping me increase my  existing knowledge of the cuisine. He also made me understand certain techniques and explain the components of each dish that was brought to the table.

He had crafted the menu in such a way that it did not only bring the authentic flavours of Mexico but also adjusted to some of the sensitive Indian taste buds. The Mexican fare encompasses all the distinct flavours of different cultures and influences to which it has been exposed since ancient times. It was actually quite interesting to spot out all the similarities between these two strongly flavoured cuisines with Chilly being the main one.

The Glasshouse invites you to a Lunch & Dinner Buffet that features a selection of Western and Asian delicacies along with Indian regional favourites. Apart from this, they also have a spread of healthy soup and salad options for the health conscious diners.

It was impossible for me to eat every dish from the huge spread laid out so here’s my picks of what you cannot miss out on:

Prawn Ceviche

You can never say you’ve had a true Mexican fare without the simple yet elegant looking Ceviche. It consisted of the freshest of ingredients and the delicious plump prawns definitely stood out for me!


Usually a quesadilla has a savoury filling stuffed inside but this was more of a ‘DIY’ concept where the chef told us how to eat it. The secret behind getting all those beautiful flavours is to take some of the 7 hour roasted pulled pork on the cheesy tortilla and top it with the onions and tomato dip. It was absolutely delicious!

Chicken Mole

It was my first time trying this dish and just with one bite, I loved it instantly. Mole is the traditional sauce made with dark chocolate and chillies that add so much richness to the dish.  It had authentic robust flavours which was a party in my mouth.

Next was DESSERT TIME and I  was expecting the traditional Churros but when these two desserts came to the table I was in surprise. Wasn’t familiar with either of them, but what’s the point if you cant be experimental and trust me after having it, I didn’t miss the Churros at all!

    Chickpea Cake

The dessert queen was extremely pleased when she saw this charming slice of cake stare at her. Later she finds out that it’s made of chickpea and is truly amazed by it. Chickpea adds such a unique flavour and texture to the cake that made it so perfect!


Torito is a popular cocktail or what I’d like to call more of a liqueur from the East Coast of Mexico that is great after a splendid meal. It consists of milk and rum along with fruits and nuts. Trust me, it is very addictive and you cannot stop at one. The greedy me took a shot of two of them!

One thing I’ve learnt from this entire experience is that Mexican food can never leave you disappointed and because it’s cooked with so much of love, you feel so connected to it!

The festival is on till the 1st of December, go try it out and let me know about your favourites.

(The author was invited to review the Mexican Food Festival. However, the views of the author remain unbiased and our solely her own)

Hyatt Regency, Sahar Airport Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

Phone:022 6696 1624

Prices: Lunch Buffet- Rs 1499 exclusive of taxes

Dinner Buffet- Rs 1999 exclusive of taxes

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