Just say it: The Backyard!!

Just got back from Goa two months back and there’s only certain things you do there.

Sun, sand, booze and foooooood.

Yes that’s what I’m talking about!!!!

When you think of what to eat in Goa, the last thing on your mind would be “boring” continental food but hold on to that thought. Cause you’ll just go crazy with the pork chops, pastas and other sensational stuff at the Backyard.

It’s this small, cute, little place which is in a backyard hence the name in Sangolda, Goa.

The whole vibe you get from the environment around you is just breath taking. We went on our last night in Goa and even though the month of May isn’t season time, it was pretty crowded. We were a group of nine ourselves so it was great fun. The owner of the cute place, Shannon who my mum happens to know was so welcoming and made us feel at home. She was the lady behind all the wonderful dishes that were brought to our table so she was extremely busy back at the kitchen.

The entire setup of the place with all the lighting was absolutely stunning. There was a live one man stand playing all the oldies bringing and everyone was singing along with him

Out of all the food and drinks we had, there was one drink and three dishes that just stood out for me:

The Great Pinacolada. I call this great because it’s the only cocktail that actually goes down my throat. Lucky for me, I had my parents sitting beside me and as they saw my drink come to the table their eyes popped out, both together. They wondered whether I could handle it but it was light and so relaxing.That typical Sossegado feeling you ought to feel.

For starters, the Barbecue Baby Pork Ribs were dynamite.The sweetness and kick from the chillies really did the trick. It was juicy and spicy. Oozing with brilliant flavours. Something I will always go back to have.

When I usually go to any continental restaurant, I get so excited when I see pasta on the menu. That’s how patriotic I am to the Italians. Anyways, so I decided to have a spoon of the Spaghetti bolognaise and Creamy cheese chicken with penne. Both dishes were rustic but yet looked so classy.Cooked straight from the heart with so much love. Something you will not hesitate to indulge in.

If you want to have some peace and quiet, listen to some soothing music, then this is definitely one place you’ve got to visit.


248, Bella Vista, Near Hotel Picnic Plaza, Sangolda, Goa- 403515

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