Lebanese anyone?

“Authentic shawarma’s are so hard to find in Bombay.

Where do you get them???”

I quite often hear this when I talk to a few foodies around town.

But here comes the solution….

Carter Blue’s is a good option and isn’t hard to find at all

It stands tall at the corner of Carter Road just across the promenade.

It is one of the oldest but still believes in quality food.

Decided to stop for a quick bite and it was such a delight!

I had the chicken shawarma and was quite impressed. I loved the pickled veggies.

It was overloaded with chicken pieces that were juicy and full of flavour. The garlic sauce also gave a nice kick to it.

The fattuosh was thin and very well made.

Would go back again sometime and try out their other stuff.

Although I wouldn’t suggest for a vegetarian to enter this place as I cannot imagine having a paneer shawarma! šŸ˜‰

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