Loaded For Life!

There are times when all I want is to be alone.

Okay, correction there!

Not all alone exactly because I have my desserts to keep me company.

One bite into an exotic chocolate overloaded sandwich or sip into one of their fancy milkshakes and trust me, it takes you to a different planet- my happy place!

And lucky for me, it’s not too far away..

Tucked away in one of the by lanes of Bandra, Loaded calls all those craving something sweet.

When you’re feeling low and need a little sugar to pep you up? This could be your perfect destination!

It’s a quaint little dessert bistro that is not very enticing to look at from outside but once you enter, the faux flowers, bright, pastel yellow walls and vibrant blue seating makes it quite an enjoyable experience. It only has a few tables so the perfect place to go to on your own or with a friend or two and what I was really fascinated about was the little poster that said there was no Wifi available and suggested that you make conversation rather than checking in or uploading statuses and pictures.

The wait was quite long even though we were the only table occupied but as soon as I saw my sandwich approach the table, all eyes went to my Kitkat brownie sandwich (Rs 89/-) which was a match-made in heaven!

Kit Kat Brownie Sandwich

It was rich, chocolate overloaded and I loved crunching into the bits of Kit Kat. The only disappointment was the brownie. It could have been a bit more gooey and melt in the mouth types but along with the whipped cream and chocolate shavings, it was my perfect dessert!

The downfall on the other hand was the Waffles with ice cream (Rs 123/-).

Waffle Ice-cream sandwich

It was such a pity because I’m a huge fan of them! The waffles were extremely dry, doughy and seemed quite stale. They were not crisp like you expect a waffle to be. The Vanilla ice cream and choco chips served with it didn’t make much of a difference either.

So with a few hits and misses, Loaded is one place that all dessert lovers ought to try out. I hear they have amazing crepes and their milkshakes are pretty outstanding so definitely going back for that!

It’s a chilled out place and seems to be a favourite among college students. Not surprised about this either because the prices you pay here, is barely anything at all!

CAUTION: Do not enter if you are counting your calories!

Address: Shop no 2, Ground Floor, Pankaj Society, Near Ambedkar Statue, Dr BR Ambedkar Rd, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

(The author dined anonymously and paid for her own bill.)

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