Malaysia on my plate!

Selamat datang keMalaysia!

Hopefully I can pronounce it well enough after this great culinary experience.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Malay cuisine and still haven’t been able to make that trip to Malaysia for a whole bunch of reasons. But every time I dine at various restaurants that serve this cuisine across the country, it reminds me ‘ Oh yes! I have to shop, eat authentic nasi lemak and visit the Petronas twin towers.’

I was lucky to be one of the few bloggers along with Mudra Keswani(@mudrakeswani), Nita Mehta(@sweet_liqueur) and Jyoti Varne who were invited for the Bloggers table Dinner and didn’t have to travel much as I just stepped into The Market last night and Malaysia came to me!

Malaysia is a multicultural place that reflects a lot on the kind of food they serve. It consists of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Aboriginal cuisines.

It was such a pleasure to be served and taste the food of Chef Raymond Siek, who came all the way from The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen. He is a master in Malay cuisine and every masterpiece of his reflected on the strong, spicy, aromatic nature of Malaysian cuisine and showcased how it’s a perfect confluence of the different cultures that have influenced it.

My personalized menu!

The chef had put in a lot of thought in designing the menu and gave us an insight to some of his best dishes. He promptly described each dish as it was being served to us.

Now enough of talking, I’m guessing your mouths must be watering by now so let me take you through this culinary journey of mine.

We started off with a glass of wine, lost in conversation and before we knew it the food started coming on the table.

Course 1:

Jolok jolok ayam berserai, kuah kekacang or Lemongrass Marinated Chicken Skewer, Peanut Sauce

This was such a simple looking appetizer but once I took a bite of it, I was in eternal bliss. The tender meat that came out of the skewer with much ease went so well with that crunchy peanut sauce. It is a must try!

Course 2:

Gado gado idaman cik Wei Wei or Classic Vegetables Salad, Egg and Spices

I am a big-time salad lover but this one did not seem to WOW me. Although it sat there, so pretty in the bowl, it had too many strong flavours that didn’t react well with my taste buds. I was waiting for the next dish to come!

Course 3:

Sup udang, rempah ratusdan helba asli or Malaysian Herbs Prawn Consommé infused with Serai

I was quite disappointed that because of the horrible lighting I was unable to get a good picture of this but the soup was absolutely delightful! It had great flavours playing with my palate and the prawn was delicious. The herbs really did the trick and it was refreshing before the main course.

Course 4:

Kambing panggang berkuah gulai dan pudinar, sayuran dhal dan nasi tomat or Roasted lamb rack with curry and mint yogurt, Vegetable Dhal And Tomato Rice

I just couldn’t get enough of this!

Thinking of it, Malaysian and Indian cuisines are so similar where food is concerned. I was super excited to see that banana leaf on the plate. The rice was brilliantly cooked and very flavourful which went well with the healthy yellow dal having all the possible vegetables one could think of. The lamb was cooked to perfection and the mint yogurt added to the beauty of the dish. The papad on the side did enough justice too.

Course 5:

Mangga pudding,kepingan betik dan buah markisa or Mango Pudding, Papaya Slice and Passion Fruit

My favourite dish of the night was definitely the dessert. Now I’m just not saying this because I have a soft corner for them but it was my perfect Summer dessert. The pudding had MANGO in it and had a great texture that worked so well for me and the slices of papaya and passion fruit thrown in sure made me very happy.

It was indeed a beautiful five course meal with the company of some lovely bloggers and the two chefs themselves.

With Chef Raymond Siek and Chef Anupam Banerjee, Executive chef of The Ritz Carlton!

With the chefs and bloggers

In just a couple of hours, I learned so much more about this cuisine and there’s nothing like eating it in the place where it got it’s roots from so now I’m definitely thinking of that trip to Malaysia sooner than later.

The Malaysian Food Festival started today and will end this Sunday, 26th April 2015.

So do go and explore the world of Malaysia through your taste buds!


The Market

The Ritz Carlton

No. 99 Residency Road


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