Mangalore Memoirs

Before I forget, A very happy New Year to you all and wish you all the very best in 2016!

Keep travelling, eating, drinking and making great memories 🙂

People often ask me, “Where are you from?” “What are you?”

It’s at times like these where I go silent for a moment and then with much frustration yell out, “Don’t even bother asking, I’m a total mix. Half Mangy and Half Anglo-Parsi”

Nice genes I’ve got there, haven’t I?

But since the larger part of me is Mangy, I would like to call Mangalore my hometown for now even though I’ve only been there twice in my entire life.

Mangalore known as the city of beaches and temples also happens to give a whole lot of importance to food especially SEAFOOD.

Even though I had specially come for a family wedding, I made it a point to go eat my heart out at a few places just to get the whole essence of what the local food is all about.

So here’s my take on 5 places that you cannot miss out on when in Mangalore!


They all say it’s an “institution” and believe me it is. Been around for donkey’s years now, Woodlands is one of those places that will never die out for authentic South Indian food.

Started the day with a cup of filter coffee that one can never miss out on and it was indeed just what I needed to wake me up that morning.

Next was their famous Thuppa Dosa also known as a Ghee Roast Dosa which was crisp and absolutely delicious. A big shoutout to their ever so flavourful coconut chutney too!

Even though it’s still morning, I’ve got to end breakfast on a sweet note and the Kesari Bhath full of ghee definitely put me right there!

Filter Coffee
Thuppa Dosa
Kesari Bhath

Mangala Bar & Restaurant

It’s one of the more hip and happening places in town that’s great to head to for a chilled out night with some great music, a couple of drinks and delicious, reasonably priced food.

To begin with, you can’t come here and not have the Phat Freddie Burger which is this humongous burger bun filled with a mouth-watering beef patty, strips of crisp bacon that oozes with cheese.

If you can finish the entire thing all by yourself, you’ve got my respect!

Phat Freddie Burger

You’ve then got to have the Squid Pepper Fry which was definitely the highlight dish of the night for me. It was well spiced, extremely soft and not rubbery. Just the way it should be.

Even the Ghee Roast Chicken is a must have as the flavours you get from the well cooked pieces of chicken takes you to another planet!

Finally, don’t forget to try out their soft Appams and rich flavoured coconut based Prawn Curry. A perfect match-made in heaven!

Clockwise: Squid Pepper Fry, Prawn Curry, Appams and Chicken Ghee Roast

                                         Hotel Vrindavan

Now I was told that the best “Goli Bajes” in town are from Woodlands but unfortunately they didn’t have it for breakfast and only serve it in the evenings but tried them out from this hotel near where I was staying and they were as delicious as it can get.

Goli Baje

Goli Baje or more commonly known as the Mangalore Bonda is made with flour, curd, chopped onions, coconut and green chillies. It’s crisp on the outside and soft in the inside that makes it a perfect evening snack.

You definitely can’t come to Mangalore and not have it!

                                     Ideal Ice-Cream Parlour

I was told that the best place to have the most popular Mangalorean dessert, Gadbad was Ideal Ice-Cream Parlour which happens to be another legendary place.

The first time I looked at the Gadbad, I was quite skeptical to eat it worrying how my taste buds would react to it but I was in for a surprise as I loved it.


It consists of three different flavoured scoops of ice-cream- Vanilla, Strawberry and Butterscotch along with cut fruits, dry fruits, nuts and jelly.

A real mess in your mouth but worth the try!

                                Giri Manjas

This is the place for all you sea food lovers who will get your food cooked in their famous GSB-style. It can’t get better than this.  It’s one of those places where you sit on a long table, eat your food and push off.

Started off this great comunal eating experience with the Fish Thali. It consisted of boiled rice, fish curry, dal, vegetable and a delicious red chutney. It’s simply tasty and the best part about it is that it’s unlimited!

Fish Thali

Along with this we ordered a Pomfret fry, Prawns fry and Squid Fry which were all fried well and marinated with beautiful masalas.

Couldn’t stop eating the prawns till I actually realized that I had a function to attend later in the evening.

Clockwise: Pomfret Fry, Squid Fry and Prawn Fry

Apart from this, if you’re lucky enough to get invited by a good soul for a nice home cooked meal, that beats it all!

You get to savour all the authentic, local flavours more than eating out because you know the food is cooked with lots and lots of love.

My Aunt Marina
, mother of the bride went all out cooking for this lunch a few days before the wedding.

Out of all the dishes I ate, a special mention to the Chicken Mutli Curry and Pork Bafat which were absolutely fabulous dishes.

Don’t even ask how shamelessly I went on serving myself!

Chicken Mutli Curry
Pork Bafat

After writing this post, I’ve become even more sentimental looking back at all the fun food memories I created back there. It’s amazing how a place can grow on you even when you’ve been there for just four days.

Mangalore may be my mum’s hometown but I think I’m making it mine too.

It’s been great to start the new year with this trip and I hope to travel a lot more during the year as my semester also ends in another three months and I should be a bit more free.

If you have some great memories to share of Mangalore, please do, would love to hear them!

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