Summer Specials


Frozen Mango Delight             Rs 400/-
Lemon Mint Tartlets           Rs 400/- for 6










Lemon Curd Crumble Shots         Rs 100/- for 4











Regular Menu

Dark Chocolate Walnut Cake                 Rs 900/-
Banana Jaggery Walnut Cake          Rs 600/-










Orange Drizzle Cake                      Rs 600/-
Whole Wheat Date and Walnut Loaf        Rs 150/-










Lemon White Chocolate Almond Cake   Rs 800/-
Lemon Strawberry Chocolate Cake with Marshmallows                                   Rs 1800/-











Bacon Brownie Cake                       Rs 700/-
Chocolate Lover’s Dream (2 layered cake)                                                                               Rs 1000/-











Apple Cinnamon Cake                           Rs 600/-
Herb & Cheese Muffins                  Rs 450/- for 12