Bringing them back: Waffles

I’ve always grown up on waffles as a kid. It used to be our regular Sunday family breakfast along with pancakes. So I was really happy to discover this small, little place in the food heaven of Carters. There are numerous food stops on this one street but the Wafflist stands out as it’s one of the best options you get to end on a sweet note. Waffles may be new to a few of you so here’s a little peek to what it is all about: A waffle is a leavened batter or dough cooked between two plates to…

Hostel Cravings

There are those days when you go “ENOUGH of this shitty food!!!!” at the hostel as you just cannot take it anymore. Yesterday was that day. Thanks to my roommate from Dubai who brought back corned beef, I managed to crack up something simple and quick( as I had only 10 minutes in the kitchen) but extremely flavoursome and delicious. Cooking on the hot plates was a task itself. For those of you who are not familiar with corned beef, it is salt cured meat that is an important part of the UK and Philippine cuisine.

MTR finally!!!

Can you believe after all these years, I finally went to MTR- Mavalli Tiffin Rooms and it has not changed at all. You still have to wait outside in long queues to be able to have a nice meal and the waiters still come and serve you. For us, we were a bit unlucky as I was dying to have a nice, crisp dosa that everyone talks about it but was s bit too late. Apparently is it on the breakfast menu which shuts at 10 am. We arrived only at 12 pm.

Alexander the Great!

Come to Goa and apart from the sun, sea and sand, what’s the next thing you want??? FOOD It is important to find the right kind of places that serve authentic Goan cuisine and I know for sure that is one place I can recommend. Alexander’s is located on the Candolim beach stretch and is very seasonal. Open only from October till April. It may be a little hard to find but you will love it once you find it. The owner himself comes to your table and tells you what the dishes of the day are and suggests which…

Lebanese anyone?

“Authentic shawarma’s are so hard to find in Bombay. Where do you get them???” I quite often hear this when I talk to a few foodies around town. But here comes the solution…. Carter Blue’s is a good option and isn’t hard to find at all

The 12th Upper Crust Food And Wine Show, Mumbai

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food” Hello my yum tums, I know its been a while since I last posted, but like I mentioned before, it’s not that easy when you have no access to the unlimited extra high speed WiFi back home. Anyways, this is just a few thoughts from my side about the most happening event in town. Due to being pressed for time, I haven’t been able to write much and add my creative touch to it. But I still do hope that by reading this you will get the jist of it…

The Burger Raja

Finally the King has arrived here… And it was indeed a royal, grand opening People started standing in lines from ten in the morning and they seemed to only get longer as the day went by. I reached at around five in the evening and the crowds were ridiculous so decided to hop into Forever 21, do a little shopping and then head back after a while.

Being a True Parsee!

Yum tums!!! Greetings to you all ☺ I’ve had such an eventful weekend which all began last evening with my first ever attended “Navjote” which my cute, little cousins received and ended with a grand lunch this afternoon at a house warming celebration. But I’ll only be talking about my grand Parsee meal as I was really fascinated with the while arrangement. Before, I tell you more about it , let me give you an insight on what a Navjote is all about as I’m sure most of you will not be familiar with it.

Chef Riya’s Twist of Taste

I am truly in love with Vikas Khanna. I just admire the way he cooks on national television. He is such a humble chef! They say the world is your oyster. Well I say, food is mine. There is so much one can do with it. And he has definitely helped me believe that! I remember very clearly. It was a Saturday night sometime last year and I was getting too bored. I felt like having pasta but not the boring, classic mac and cheese. (not that I hate it) When you are independent, your brain tends to be more…