A Perfect Caveman’s Diet

It was a rainy day. We were bored. Craving for meat like always. And there was one place that everyone was talking about ever since I’ve arrived to Mumbai. Located in one of the gullies behind the busy Hill Road, it took us a while to find the place and luckily none of us have cars here otherwise we wouldn’t have known where to park them. When you enter the doors of Imbiss, classic rock and old school music gets straight into your ears, taking you back to the past where people would come in to have their schnelle mahlzeit…

Just say it: The Backyard!!

Just got back from Goa two months back and there’s only certain things you do there. Sun, sand, booze and foooooood. Yes that’s what I’m talking about!!!! When you think of what to eat in Goa, the last thing on your mind would be “boring” continental food but hold on to that thought. Cause you’ll just go crazy with the pork chops, pastas and other sensational stuff at the Backyard.