Product Review: Chef’s Basket

Come back from a long day of work and just don’t feel like entering the kitchen? Well, don’t stress as Chef’s Basket comes to your rescue!

Italian cuisine has always been close to my heart and I love how the different flavours work on my palate. There are some days when I’m really craving for it yet too lazy to get to work so it was such a relief when Chef’s Basket sent these over to me.

At Chef’s Basket, they believe to provide fine- dining experiences at the comfort of your home!

I really loved this great concept of theirs that includes recipe kits which consists of sea salt, pasta sauce, herbs and chilli flakes. Each of these ingredients come in the right amount with clear instructions on how to make them. They are packed well and makes it easy even for a person who rarely enters the kitchen. You are sure to have your meal ready in less than 10 minutes.

I first tried out the Chunky Arrabbiata Pasta as I felt my taste buds needed some drama. It usually consists of garlic, tomatoes, red chilli peppers and olive oil. This kit was extremely tangy and the red chilli peppers were dominating the entire dish. It wasn’t to my liking at all.

The next was the Creamy Tomato Pasta which was much better and usually I’m not a red sauce Pasta lover but I enjoyed this. It had the right  balance of flavours and thankfully the tomatoes were not overpowering the pasta.

Coming to the prices of these recipe kits, the Chunky Arriabbiata Pasta costs Rs 89 and the Creamy Tomato Pasta costs Rs 99 which is pretty decent for what you get in return.

Only request, they need to increase their portions as it definitely will not even be able to satisfy the hunger of a couple!

Do checkout their website: www.chefsbasket.in

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